Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The 120 Single Rollergun - Unrolling the Roller Spearfishing Series


In this spearfishing episode I am going to be dispelling the myth that long rollerguns don't work. As well as why I love my 120 single roller and why I think it's the best rollergun to date made by Rob Allen. 

You hear it all the time out on the internet that long rollers don't work

In theory there should be no reason they would not work. 

One of the reasons small guns work so well, is that proportionately you load more into them. Let me explain. If you are able to load 50-60kg then your loading capacity is the same whether the gun is 90cm or 120cm long. So it is easier to load the right amount of energy into a smaller gun than a longer one. 

All most everything is scalable and the only variable is what you are able to load. And if what you can load is enough, which it probably is. Then there is no reason why longer 120 & 130cm rollerguns won't work. 

In fact the 120 single roller is my all time favourite rollerguns and what I believe to the one best bluewater/reef all rounders available on the market. If I was could only have one gun, this would be it. Making this the best off the shelf gun made at the Rob Allen Dive Factory.