Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Onefish Going East Spearfishing DVD - Durban Premier

Chris Coates - Rob Allen (sponsor) - Richard Leonard (Director) - Matt Swart (Editor)

This past Friday night saw the Onefish Going East Durban Premier. The In The Zone team celebrated the release of their new film with a good crowd of guys that came out to the event. The film was a big hit and seeing it on the massive screen was insane. Some of the finest spearfishing moments ever caught on film blew guys away and many said they need to buy the film just so that they could go home and try absorb it all.

The guys had an opportunity to check out the latest gear, from boats, suits and guns.

The evening was hosted by the Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine who also organised a mini spearfishing Expo and cocktail evening. This on its own was ground breaking as this is the first time spearfishing in SA has had an expo with different manufactures coming together. The guys enjoyed some of the new products and got to met some of the spearfishing gear manufacturers first hand. SAUFF were also at the event and announced the South African squad for the World Championships in Spain later this year.

For more pics go to : Onefish Going East Durban Premier
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Umhlanga Rock Spearfishing Club Crayfish Comp

The Umhlanga Rock Spearfishing Club had their annual Crayfish Comp on Saturday, loads of fun was had by all and the overall winner was Richard Forman.

I could waffle more about the comp but Evan Basson's video above says everything and more .... crazy vid Ev


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine's BIG Night out with Onefish - Going East

You are probably wondering why I have plastered this BIG poster across my blog? Well that's because a BIG event needs a BIG poster :-)
In fact I cant remember if there was ever such a big evening event on the SA calendar?

First up is the premier of the much anticipated Onefish - Going East spearfishing film. This is going to be shown in High Definition and on a BIG screen. And this I promise you it will blow your socks off!!

If that was not enough, the South African Team going to the World Spearfishing championships in Spain will be announced, and there will be the R5000.00 worth of Rob Allen gear for the USM subs competition will be drawn.

Then to top it all off there is a spearfishing expo as well, from boats, gear and more .......

The guys have put together an evening not to be missed with cocktail snacks and some serious cheap beer buckets too!!

The cost is only R75 per person and I suggest you book ASAP as there are limited tickets available and it looks like we will sell out of this one just like at the last Onefish premier were we had to turn people away.

To book your ticket email:

Don't miss out this is going to Rock!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

New Spearfishing Film 'Onefish - Going East' Released

Watch the Trailer Here - Going East Spearfishing Trailer

Hey Guys,

Today we finally released the next 'Onefish' spearfishing film called Going East. We uploaded the video this weekend (to do some testing and see that the HD was working properly) and did not make it public until this morning, as we wanted to send it out to our fans first.
But this did not stop the video getting out some how and by this morning we had already gotten over 4000 views!! Some guy even hacked it and reloaded it on his channel … I guess we will take that as a compliment :-)

Anyway with no more rambling here is the video, go have a look and leave a comment letting me know what you think.
Here is the video: Onefish – Going East Spearfishing Trailer

Hope you enjoy


To order a copy go to : Going East Spearfishing DVD

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cape Vidal Guided Spearfishing Trip

Stanton & Syd not bad for the first time spearfishing!
This past weekend I guided a spearfishing trip at Cape Vidal. The guys were Stanton and Syd, two guys who were looking to make their first spearfishing experience a memorable one.

Taking first timers is always a bit nerve racking a you never know how competent the guys will be, and how quickly they will pick up the basics.... sometimes just enough to be comfortable in the water. To Stanton and Syd's credit, these guys had done their home work. They had spent time in the Quarry, had at least on session With Fernando from Centurion Freedivers, and spent the last few weeks training.

So when they got to Leven it was not long before they were comfortably hitting the bottom at 15m and doing some impressive dives.

Stanton all kitted up and in the mix.
The fish however proved to be a bit on the quiet side, but even so the boys got fish every day from shoal Couta to some good Queenfish. I don't think these guys realise that for most guys their first fish land up being Stone Bream or Black Tail. I know mine was Stone Bream .....

Syd enjoying the perfect conditions
A big plus was that on the last day the conditions were about as good as it gets. 20m vis, clear skies and no wind. It was such a special day, getting some fish was just a bonus.


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