Sunday, November 28, 2010

World Record Dog Tooth Tuna

Pending World Record Dog Tooth Tuna 110kg - Tanzania - Cameron Kirkconnell
The World Record Dog Tooth Tuna Record was smashed twice in one day in Tanzania recently. Brad Thornbrough broke the record first while Cameron Kirkconnell was filming. Shortly later Cameron shot one slightly bigger. This is what Cameron had to say:
The fish was so big that despite having the chance for a head shot on him I changed my aim and shot him in the same place as the last really big one I’d landed knowing that the shot would hold and take out his propulsion. The fish was much much much bigger than I thought though. When I was on my way back to the surface I looked at Brad Thornbrough and spread my arms as wide as I could underwater to show him it was massive then hit the surface and he asked, ‘How big was it? World Record?’
At the time I said not that big but definitely over 150 lbs. When it came to the surface though we started flipping out and knew it was over the 200 lb mark.
On the beach the scale dropped to a staggering 243lbs shattering the old record (201lbs)
check out Cameron's blog for more.... Spearblog.Com

Who would have thought that a Dog Tooth Tuna over 100kg would ever be landed.... Bloody Amazing!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Xcel and Dive Sites Promo

Hey guys,

I just finished going through my new copy of Dive Sites an atlas from the guys at Map Studio. And I have been amazed at some of the detail on some of the reefs.

MapStudio's New Dive Site Atlas

I was particularly impressed when I found some reefs up north that are not that well known. So even tho this is a book aimed at the scuba diver its one that any spearo will appreciate and will make a good addition to their library.

Check out this detail of Elusive
Spearo DVD is running a promo for the local chaps and you can win a copy check out the Xcel & Dive Site Promo

See you in the water


Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Fish in Deep

Deep World Wide Spearfishing Magazine

One fish Spearfishing Dvd has made it into the Deep World Wide Spearfishing magazine! This was one of the many strategic partnerships we have forged with guys around the world to promote the Spearfishing DVD and our future projects.

Here is the ad the Deep World Wide has run for us, the cool thing was that it has landed on page 4 in the mag. That's prime ad space!! Lets hope that there readers especially the Europeans start watching the dvd and the One Fish madness spreads there like wildfire like it is doing here at home.

One Fish ad on page 4!
I wonder how the guys will react to the Marlin shot being with a single rubber gun??? Especially when the trend these days overseas is big multiple rubber guns in the pic below.

Even a extra punt in the gear section ... nothing wrong!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spearfishing Black Marlin Video


Here is the spearfishing promo on the Black Marlin we speared in the One Fish DVD. The response to this film has been amazing. This clip on Youtube got almost 1000 views in less than a day!

Have a look, pass it on to your mates and enjoy.


Monday, November 8, 2010

One Fish Premier a Mammoth Success

A full house at the One Fish Premier at the Catalina Theater in Durban
The One Fish Spearfishing DVD Premier in Durban on Saturday night was an overwhelming success. We packed out the Catalina theater and watched the film for the very first time. Watching the film with a whole crowd was awesome, the Oooes, Aahh's and laughter created a dynamic that was just insane.

Thenext stop is Cape Town on the 16th and we are already looking at other places for additional shows.
Contact Eckart to book for the Cape Town Premier.

A big thanks must go to all the guy and gals who made Saturday night a success ... there are just too many to list :-)


P.S check out the pics from the evening on Facebook

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Sailfish Footage Ever Seen.

Sailfish Drama from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Ok if you enjoyed the last video I put up. This one with the sailfish is going to make you flip your lid. ......probably even more than the Dogtooth Tuna. The quality of this footage is unbelievable, it was shot on a camera called a 'Red One' it film at 5x full high definition.

This clip called Sailfish Drama was captured at Isla Mujeres, Mexico in February 2010. Many saw the pics ot the sailfish from this footage, but this is just sooooo much better.


Dogtooth Tuna off Okinawa Japan

If you cant see this vid go to Dogtooth Tuna Okinawa

Its not often I get really excited, I mean to the point where the rest of my day becomes useless. Watching this clip of Dogtooth Tuna off an Aguni island Okinawa south of Japan just flipped me out ...properly!
Do yourself a disfavor and watch this clip it will blow you away!

Then when you are finished watching those Dogtooth Tuna watch these ones - More Doggies
Ok now I should have successfuly screwed up your day aswell.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Fish Spearfishing DVD Premier goes to Cape Town

Email : to book your spot

After the overwhelming response from the Durban guys with the One Fish Durban Premier, and all the requests from the Cape Town crew. We have decided to run an evening in Cape Town!

What has made this evening even more special is that the guys from
Chris Benz Dive Watches have given us a dive watch worth R5300 to give away on the night!!!! Rob Allen our main sponsors throughout the project (as always ..thanks guys) will also give a way a gun to a lucky viewer.

The tickets are R75 each and the will be snacks served and a cash bar. I heard the Cape guys know how to throw a jol???

Here is the addie and it starts at 8pm
Labia Theater
68 orange Street
Cape Town, South Africa

For more info contact Eckart ...the man on the ground in CPT
Cell No 082 577 9162 or eMail:

Hope to see you there