Friday, June 29, 2007

North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic

North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic
Well tomorrow is supposed to be the North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic!
But alas no waves!!! This morning was 1ft and not even breaking. The forecasts all show tomorrow as being dead flat. It is going to be interesting to see what happens?

On the diving front the water is brown from the rain and I cant see us diving for a few days. There is a west on Sunday with NO RAIN :-) and it should clean up for next week.

Other that the fact that it is Friday so we do have something to smile about.

See ya


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surf Web Cam

I got a surf web cam link sent to me, it was for the south coast and as usual the idea is great but I seldom find ones that are up to date and actually work.

I started another forum thread on Web Cams: Surf Web Cam Forum
If you cant see the page it might be because you are not logged in or have your browser security very high.

Here is the Web Cam at Shelly Beach ... it does not always update tho ... its not really live.

Well I don't have to tell you that the wind is blowing ...... flipp'n hard ..... did I mention it was cold.
The up side or down depends on if you surf or dive, is that the wind is not pushing too much swell with it. Hopefully it will send some Sards tho!

The Vis is not great and I suspect that there is some river water in the mix ... not good news at all.

Tomorrow should be a nice day ....


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cold fronts and the rain.

Cold rain kept me in bed this morning ... yes I am a woos!

Thee sea actually looked nice this morning, and as predicted all the swell was out t sea and there was very little swell to talk about. I could not see the viz but it looked clean ... but watch the river water! this it going to ruin our dry run. But my farmer mates are very stoked.

There is another south going to hit later on today or this evening. again there is a good possibility the swell passes us by and goes out to sea.

On a different subject altogether, on the salty Divers forum I have added a section on boats. I have noticed that guys are going to have a look .... but how about writing something down? Tell us what you think, if the boat sucks, stinks or is the bomb. If you have a different boat to what is listed there just start a new thread ..... thats unless you are comparing to the boat on that thread .... does that make sense?

Come on I know some of you have some great boats ..... Cox crafts and Trimcrafts to name a few. Lets hear about them.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is the Action?

The ACTION is down south!

The guys diving up here yesterday did not see a fish, while some guy down south ...I think at Umzumbi shot 9 or 10 cuta in 8m of water.

So head south if you have the time!!

There is a south west going to pump this arvo .... the good news is that it should drop in the night and turn off shore.
The better news is that the swell could possibly go out to sea and will not be a problem for diving.

So we might have a small window tomorrow morning with some more southerlies tomorrow arvo and some more diving on Thursday. I suppose it all depends on the swell. Wind Finder shows large swell, how ever my other tools show that there is no real depth to the swell and is mostly offshore.

Also please dont forget the DUC compo on the 14th July
DUC Comp

Catch ya later,


Monday, June 25, 2007

A Great Weekend

It was a good weekend, especially since I did not expect to get in the water. I had a nice long dive on Saturday ... fish were quiet but it was a good dive.
Sunday morning before church I took my little guy Braidy for a dive off Boulders and he caught 3 crayfish. He was so chuffed, and I was super stoked!.

I had a quicky this morning the water was still a little green, but good enough to dive in 17 -18m
The game fish were quiet but it was a good way to start the week.

The east looks like it is going to blow this arvo. It is a bit of a bummer as I was hoping to get Braidy back in for a dive after work. Tuesday has a big south west ... so we will see what is happening on the other side of that.

This coming week end the North Coast Boardriders are having a comp .. go check it out.
North Coast Boardriders

Any way being Monday work work and work some more



Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh Veldskoen!!

Here comes the Beast from the East! and probably no diving!!!

Its been six days since I last dived and I think I am going to ............ chew on a veldskoen!
The next south west is next week Tuesday and its going to pump with more swell so ........ bring out the veldskoen and hit the tarmac. Its the only exercise you going to get.

Flip its depressing!


Hey maybe Vidal is clean??

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats Going On !!!!

A day or so ago the water was crystal clean! Now its poo brown? The east did not pump and this is not from the swell, or from any rivers. So whats going on?

The brown water looks like it goes out a long way as well, my only guess is that it is an upwelling of some sort. Bringing in murk water from off the shelf?? The east normally brings this in, but this is just bizzurk.

Any way the forecast does not look too promising, with no southerlies due until next week. There is a size low pressure a couple days from the cape, but it looks like it might slip under us. The swell looks to be subsiding and if we can find some cleanish water the dive might be on. Strangely the Bluff was still fairly clean yesterday, lets hope the murk water does not get there .... or makes a disappearing act up here.

And now to wet your appetite!!
Remember Rory ... the guy with all the luck .... I mean snoek, from Monday morning. Remember him? Well he sent me a cool web link to a site by a fellow spearo Roger Horrocks. Roger is documenting the sard action and has some epic pics of sharks and the like on his site. Go check it out .....Roger Horrocks

Let me know whats going down.....


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Epic Winter Morning

Well its not that it was undiveable, I am still nursing the aftermath of the flue. I suppose the upside is that I did not miss out on an epic diving condition ..... except Monday morning ... sob.

The sea was looking lovely this morning, gentle offshores grooming a 4ft ground swell. The tide was high at 7bells and made a point dive possible, but no luck for the surfers.

The swell is dropping and the second system that looked like it might push swell this weekend is heading out to sea. Good news for fishermen and divers, looking to hit the sardines.
The only bummer is that there are going to be some light east winds which could mess the vis up. Not good!

By the look of things conditions will be good out deep this weekend, might be worth looking for some deep shoals of sardines or hit the shoal.

Catch you later


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Told you so

Well I did not expect to be eating my words so fast. An hour or so after writing yesterdays report, my mate Rory MMS's me a pic with him and too many Snoek to hold up!

The following sms's:
10min ago at Toti, we all got ten each, biggest about 9kg (no scale). Seething with fish

When I woke up feeling grim, something inside of me said you are missing out yesterday. Knowing the Sards are around and the fact that there was huge swell (now here!) it was one of the window opportunities I saw slipping through my fingers.

Rory sent a mail just to whip me into a frenzy and no where to go:

The resolution on today’s catch was not good enough to send, will get the beach shots downloaded later and forward them if they look OK. To whet your appetite you will find a shot of my kids posing, the 9kg fish is the one in the immediate foreground. The darts the kids are holding were shot first before I realized how many snoek there were around.

Water was epic, clean and warm with small pockets of more or less stationery sards getting hammered by walls of snoek. In a very short time we had maxed out the daily bag limit with fish up to 9kg with the average around 6kg. You could get very selective. With the conditions being so good we jumped in again for a bit of fish spotting and saw a few other species (some high speed tuna coming in from deep and a big iggie mauling the inside wall while my buddy also saw two garrick idling by). As we had switched from hunt to observation mode we now sat watching the snoek barreling in and nailing the shoal –can’t say the trigger finger didn’t get itchy especially watching nice 6-7kg fish floating past within a metre (or less) of you. After each attack there would be uneaten casualties left lying on the bottom with the snoek clearly slashing up way more sards than they could eat. Two things stood out (1) There were no sharks despite 1000’s of dead sardines and all the fish shot (we weren’t the only speoro’s clubbing it) (2) the sardine shoal hardly moved all day even after the wind started cranking.
Now that we are all frothing at the mouth, let me tell you about what the sea is up to for the next few days!


Gee I guess thats the diving out of the question, and well I looked at the surf in Ballito and the banks are not doing the swell justice. Durban will probably pump ........ but who likes to surf the crowds?

I guess this is a good week to get some work done!


Monday, June 18, 2007


Sardines Sardines and well only a couple Sardines!

But thats enough to get every one excited, had some mates go down south yesterday to look for a dive with the sardines, but could not find good water. Scotties was better but they said that it was quiet. Thats typical at this time of the year, all the fish are attracted to the sardines and it seems that every where else goes dead quiet.

But I am sure that we soon be hearing stories of utter mayhem, when some one finds a shoal with cuta and dagga soup. I am still to land up getting a shoal of sards been trashed by game fish, I suppose I dont spend enough time down south.

The one time Burnsy and I jump in at Sheffield with some Sards and we greeted by Bronze Whaler soup. I have never dived with so many sharks in all my life ..... hang it would be great if they were cuta!

Any way this morning looked great, I did not dive as I am under the weather nursing a small dose of flu. I am a bit bumbed as it looks like there is a front coming that is going to push some swell. This will only subside on Thursday according to the forecasts.
(upside could push up some sardines!)

And to make it worse it full high tide in the morning and the banks are still shot, that means even if the swell is good the chance of surf is not good.

I don't know if you noticed the swell chart at the bottom of the page. It is the 24th hour slide from Fnoc and shows the swell for tomorrow. At the moment can you see the dark red/brown blob ..... thats serious swell!!!



Friday, June 15, 2007

Winter, Swell and Spotted Grunter

Anther beut morning, we dived on a nice spot in about 18m near Salt Rock. And the sea was alive, we swam out before dark and waited for it to get light. The water was about 6 -8m which was great.

The shoal of spotted grunter that have been on this reef for weeks was still there. The grunter have gotten smaller but the shoal seems to be very strong.

We did not see any cuta ... damn... I suppose the north coast is a hit and miss affair this time of year.

The swell was up this morning and we almost caned the dive. I got a look at Ballito at about 8am from a building site I had to visit. And watched some perfect 5ft sets roll in. The down side is that the banks are still stuffed and these perfect swells hardly produced a ridable wave.

The forecast looks good for tomorrow and if the swell does not stir things up to much we will be in for a good day tomorrow.

Spot ya out there.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big John's Big Bugg

This what a 1kg Bugg looks like ........ gotta love da Buggs

Dive On!

Well the dive is on!

And it looks like we are in for a couple days of good diving. So all going well .... we should get some fish. The Shoal is still producing Wahoo, damn it is frustrating having to just hear about it and not actually get out there.

The Garrick are still thick down south with the odd fish coming up north. Here is Wayno with a Port Edward Garrick ...... apparently they are like fleas in a camels crack!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About time!

Damn it is about time the west blew. I was begining to think that it
was never going to come.
This should mean that we are in for some spearfishing tomorrow.
The swell is still small and the forecast does not look like much is ou its way.
See you out there tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Water Game Fish Challenge Pics

I got in this morning and got some buggs. The water was not great, about 4m with a north to south current.

The wind is supposed to start pushing south today and blow through tomorrow. There does not look like there is going to be much swell so we will probably be diving.

I have some pic's here from the Blue Water Game Fish Challenge over the weekend.



Greg Iggie, Craig Sea Pike, Danie 42 Kg Iggie

Danie van Huyssteen 42 Kg Iggie

Craig Burmeister 13 Kg Sea pike

Greg Bisset 14 Kg Iggie

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sordwana Game Fish Comp

I have started getting some feed back on the Sordwana Game Fish Comp - "Blue Water Gamefish Challenge"

Although the reports I have been hearing is that it was more like the "Green Water Gamefish Challenge"

That aside every one I have spoken to said the comp was well organized and went off really well. I have been involved organizing a few comps and it is not easy. So weldone to the
Pietermaritzburg UnderWater Club.

Andy Henwood sent me a quick report back:

Hey Chris,
Dived with John little, Edward hayman and craigo. we went right up north to elusive - that reef in the bay past island rock. the water was miff yellow - the worst i've seen sodwana. edward got a cuta quickly and that was that. we dived all the way home stopping everywhere but still that same shitty water. John and edward had got some nice fish diving the canyon while scouting on thursday, the water was miff untill about 50 foot then very clean water under. The fish were at about 80 foot and Edward got some big kaakap and tropicals. When I joined them on friday the miff water had moved in properly. We couldn't stay out long though because we had to get back to help set up for the comp so we hit the beach at about 10:30.
The guys that went south had better water and with it - some fish! Some of the guys from the maritsburg club were diving just south of the point on a small patch of reef on back line and got stuck into the fish with an hour to go! Danie landed the winning fish - an Iggy of 42kg, pete lost one about the same size, greg got one of 13kg + a 6kg springer and craig burmister got a pike of 12. Pete also nearly got noshed by a tiger it came at him and he jammed his gun down it's throat and it bit down on the handle.


As far as the weather is concerned, this week looks a whole lot better than last week. With moderate southerlies dominating all week. So we should get some good spearfishing or even some surf.

If you have any more stories from the "Blue Water Gamefish Challenge"please just mail them through, I know the guys love to read about comps and things.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Speargun and Spearfishing Equipment Testing

New Web Site
Go check out my new Spearfishing web site:
Speargun and Spearfishing Equipment Testing

Artificial Reef

Well I should have gone spearfishing this morning, but the thought of green water was not too inviting.

Just a little bit of news, I have been speaking to one of the environmental consultants involved in the rehabilitation of our coastline. And he tells me that they are considering putting in artificial reefs to help protect and improve / widen the beaches.

These artificial reefs will either seriously mess up the surf or be a huge blessing. I know that they are going in down at Cape st Francis. Read more about the Artificial Reef

On the weather front a series of low pressure systems are sitting of our coast. This makes for great weather, but it means that the south just does not blow hard enough to clean the sea up properly. The sea did almost clean up yesterday, then the east blew and we were back to square one again.

The first sign of a cold front is mid week next week, there just seems to be very big gaps between the fronts. This will effect more than just the surf and diving. If the current does not switch and the cold water does not come. We might be in for another sardine less winter.

For those lucky enough to be able to get to Aliwal Shoal, thats where it is all happening. A boat got 10 Wahoo yesterday, and I am sure it is on again today looking at the weather.
The south coast is also green this morning, so don't be in a rush to drive downs south unless you have a boat.

Thats all for now


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Perfect weather

Well we can have perfect weather, but if the water is muck and there is no swell .... well it might as well be storming!!

That actually might even be better at least then when the storm is over the sea will either be clean or there will be waves to ride.
So right now absolutely squat is going down, no waves, no dive!!

The conditions are looking good for the Midlands Game fish Comp at Sordwana, I wish i was going. So of the mates are heading up there today and tomorrow to get some diving in before the comp. And with R15 000 first prize the boys are going to be diving hard!!

Also don't forget the Salty Divers club meet is tonight in Durban. If you need directions call Shaun on 082 908 5775 or call me on 083 631 0841

It will be good to see you there, remember every one is invited.

See ya


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Salty Divers Club Meet

If Chris was sorry about his late mail then I'm in the dog box! If you don't
know me yet the name is Shaun I am responsible for organising the Durban
venue been fun thought for some wild reason that the meeting was next week
so I organised us to meet at freedivers -

This is not an option for tomorrow
so we will be meeting at 52 Chelsea Drive Durban North, 6:30pm TOMORROW!!!
if u coming up Broadway turn left in 2 Chelsea 2nd house on the left 52.
Bring Some meat and drinks going to have a braai and DVD - I think Chris has
some good info up his sleeve (Hint Hint) Great looking forward to a good
turn out! see you there

Shaun Reid

When the west does not blow.

When the west does blow ...stay in bed. Ok I should have run this morning, was feeling a little lazy.

At 5 bells the sms's were flying around speculating if the south west had blow enough for the water to clean up enough for a dive. I was not hopeful so I rolled over and caught a few more zzz's.
My mate sms'd late saying the water was yuk, I suppose the up side is that we were not 100m out to sea waiting for the light to show us that we should still be in bed.

life ain't that bad


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beasterly Easterly

Well the Beasterly Easterly totally mucked up the sea. The water is brown and choppy, and the wind forecast does not look promising.

Although all these north east winds will be good for the boys up at Sordwana this weekend for the Game fish Comp hosted by the Midlands Boys.

Don't forget all you Salty Divers that our club meet will be in Durban on Thursday nite, Shaun Reid is hosting the whole jol so it should be good.

Other wise not much is happening,


Monday, June 4, 2007

The more you dive the luckier you get.

Lets just say I hit a luck!

The sea looked great on Friday arvo, with the east dropping and the water still looking Nice and blue. The morning looked like it was going to be on, and the cell did not stop with calls and sms fine tuning the dive arrangements for the morning.

But when I woke about an hour before light, it was raining and I could hear the sea coming from the east ... not a good sign. Andy and Craig picked me up and we headed for Christmas Bay, the windscreen wipers working overtime did seem to dampen the spirits.

When we go to the spot the lack of light did not give us a true idea of how bad the sea was, and with Craig and Andy always keen to give it a go it was not long before we were in our suits walking down the beach.

By now it was starting to get light ... well enough to see that the swell was way bigger than we thought, there was a moment of apprehension ..... it did not look inviting!

But I have this thing some of my mates hate ......when I am in my suit and on the beach there is very little chance of me turning home. Thats like admitting defeat even before the battle!

So wealtered our plans and setteled for an easyer swim in one of the bays, like i said not often Craig or Andy back down either. The swim was not to bad and when we got out the vis was not too bad with the high tide eliminating some of the surge.

We headed out aiming for the drop off, but with the recent storm surf washing all the vegetation away my marks were non existent and we overshot the drop off by at least 50m. We were in about 18 or 19m of water were the surge had not affected the water as much as on the reef on the inside and the first 10 -15m was actually quiet good.

I was on my second or third dive to check the depth so as to see how far off the reef we were when this shape appeared beneath me on my way down. It was a bit gloomy and at first I thought it was a shark ..... but only for a smidgen of a second, the chiseled nose of a cuta was a dead give away. What a luck! To dive straight onto a fish in the gloom. I took aim with my 1.2 Freedivers Reelgun and planted the spear in its back ....... then it was the usual getting dragged around the sea.

After about 10 or 15min ..... however long, its not like you time these things, the fish was in sight. Andy went down and ended the fight, my shot was good and the fish was going nowhere. But I always appreciate a mate securing the fish, had too many keepers come off or eaten by sharks.

The rest of the dive was a right off the conditions seemed to get worse with the dropping tide and and none of us saw a single fish. Like I said I hit a luck!

Anyway my luck weighed 19.98kg ...... Andy rounded it off to 20kg with "Whats 20g between mates"

I have had a couple of dives recently, where we just went out because we were there and had a real shocker of a dive ... I suppose luck will eventually find you!


P.S - don't hold your breath for a dive this week it is looking seriously bleak. There is a cold front down south but all the forecasts are showing that it will not reach us. And the Beasterly Easterly will cause havoc!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Looking for a dive, but beware the Beast from the East!

The water is great and reports from up and down the coast are good. However there is a high pressure that has pulled in and is going to push a north east later today. The forecast says it is going to be moderate winds but the synoptic chart is looking like it might just blow.

I had a terrible dive this morning, I was trying a new mask, and it leaked .... properly! It is a Pure Vision from Mares
, I have used the X-Vision for some time and loved it. And thought I would upgrade ........ all I can say is dont go there. The seal on the glass is badly designed and under pressure it just pisses in.
I had been told that these were newer ones and this flaw had been fixed.   ..... I don't think so.

So I will be going back to the X-Vision .....tried and tested!!!