Monday, November 23, 2009

Packed and ready to go!

10 Bells and finally packed for Mozambique.
We are off to shoot another film up in Mozambique, it has been a manic last few days getting everything ready. Our trip will take us 20 hours in the ol Landy .... bring on the redbull!!

We have a tracking device in the boat so you can log in each day and sea were we are. We will also be trying to organise internet connection while up there sothat I can keep the blog ticking.

Log into:

The username: grm
and password are:  grm

A big thanks to the guys from GRM Technologies for sponsoring the tracking of the boat.

Off to bed for a couple zeeees


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak Peek at New C Ski 444 Spearfishing Boat

The new wider C Ski 444 with the new top deck.

We are off to go an film another spearfishing film on Tuesday. Steve Ellis has lent us his "prototype" C Ski 444 to use while we are up there. I was at the factory all day yesterday helping get all the final fittings done, and will pop in there just now to install the fishfinders and other gizmo's.

The new top deck finishes the boat off really well, and because the boat is now wider you dont lose any deck space. This boat is not the final 444 tho. Steve has a totally different deck layout for the production model and he has a totally new mold for the hull.

Any way I will be taking more pics and will post them as we go allong. We are hoping to organise internet access up in Moz so I can blog while I am up there. ..... And make you jealous with all our big fish :-)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spearfisherman - The Spearfisherman's Worst Enemy!

At a time when we are all worried about the bunny huggers are going to ban spearfishing, we give those who hate us ammo! Aaron McCamon is the latest in this class of fools, nobody is perfect and all are guilty in some way (even giving your fish away is a criminal offense!), but this is ridiculous. Poaching 54 crayfish and shooting a Natal Wrasse, thats 62 crayfish!!
The only thing that upsets me about Aaron McCamon being caught is the negative publicity.The only time a spearo is in the news is for 'murdering' an old fish or raping the sea. Its no wonder that we dont get the time of day from the general Joe public and the authorities.

What makes me even more irate is that when ESA's Craig Stubbs was caught selling fish, and charged. The story never made it to the press, despite a report given to the local rag (the same paper below) by the authorities. That guy should have been hauled over the coals, especially since he is a public figure.

Hefty fine for spear fisherman - Story from The North Coast Courier 20th November 2009 page 5

Here's the question? When are we going to wake up and start holding ourselves and mates accountable for our actions? I am sure that this chap might have had a different day if his mates ...who should have some influence over him had put pressure on him not to poach?

Lets keep it tidy,


Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Well its been a full weekend. Some spearfishing and surfing and generally some good conditions for this time of the year. On Saturday the snoek seemed to very thick along the north coast, the fishing ski guys reported large shoals along the Umhloti to Westbrook stretch, as well as Tiffs. The guys diving trials apparently landed up in the middle of these fish and made the most of the big lazey shoals.

But by the afternoon it had quietened down, well at least on the Salt Rock side. I went for a dive with my lighty Braiden, he managed to get a small snoek. I didnt see a thing!

Braiden Coates 2.8kg snoek

Other spearfishing news was that after a disapointing week of weather up in northern Kzn Vidal seemed to come right with Luke Garlick getting a good Couta of 22kg.

Luke Garlick 22kg Couta shot off Cape Vidal
Here is what Luke had to say:
I was up at Cape Vidal this weekend, and managed this 22kg cuda, first one of the
season! There were not many around, but oakes that got fish were proper ones, all deep on
the bottom. Leven was dead quiet, I got this fish deep off vidal point on my first down.
Water still surprisingly cold 19deg! Looks as though it may just be a good pre-run this

On the Surfing front there were some fun  waves on Saturday. The wind did not quiet settle down on Sunday but there were waves enough for the guys to run the "Top 8" surfing comp at Surfers. Its a comp were 8 guys voted for by the locals get to compete for  a small pot of cash.

As usual Ryan Belfore took the honours getting a good barrle that sealed the deal for him.

Winner of the "Top 8" Ryan Belfore and contest organiser and sponsor Deon Knoetze from Zulchem
Here are the rest of the results:

Ryan 13.25
Sid 11.25
Allan 9.5
Scott 8.1
Manfred 7.9
Chris 7.35
Travis 6.75

Syd also took the prize for the best move, doubling up on the prizes.

Looking forward to this week it looks like Tuesday will have some waves but then the weather goes on its ear with wind and rain. This will be backed up by some easterlies through the weekend. So I guess that there is not too much to look forward to.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Summer

It is summer ..well almost!
Besides it getting a whole lot warmer, my lighty and I were on the beach this morning at 5am and it had been light from 4:30 when we woke up. The surf was small but cooking. The east had not picked up yet and there we some crackers coming through.
But when we got in the water, well .... its definitely not summer yet! The water was about 19deg at best, and my thermo top was flushing under every wave! Thank goodness the surf was good otherwise I would have gotten out.
The vis had seemed to improve a bit over nite but I was not running to get my dive gear after feeling the water.

The weekend looks promising for a dive, with some southerly winds predicted. At this stage it has been a dry spring and the rivers are not spewing mud into the sea so there is a good chance of clean water.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sordwana Marlin and Sailfish

Danie 80+kg Black Marlin & Craig with a 30 + kg Sailfish Speared off the Canyon at Sordwana.

We all dream about diving a spot when its on. This past weekend was one of those for a small bunch of guys in the right place at the right time. Craig Harper was one of the guys on the trip who came right not once but twice. It has not been with out paying some dues tho, he is a committed sojourner and has loads of trips under his belt. He will be the first to tell you its not always on! Most times its a hit and miss affair.

On this trip Craig got 2 sailfish in consecutive days ..both well in the 30's. He saw a Marlin of over 200kg but could not get a very good shot so did not shoot. Danie landed a Marlin on a reel gun and Greg Audi alos using a reelgun landed a 20+ kg Couta in some very deep water. I am sure there were other fish but they did not get mentioned for obvious reasons.

I am now dreaming of it being on for me!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spearfishing News

After a fairly uneventful October, November is starting off with a bang!

News is filtering through of some guys getting some amazing fish at Sordwana. They saw 2 Marline and managed to get one of them. Craig Harper shot 2 Sailfish over 2 days, both well in the 30's. Greg Audi got a bus cuta , apparently in very deep water on a reel gun ... that must have been interesting! Did I mention the Marlin was shot on a reel gun aswell!!
Well that's enough to get my gear packed!!

This past weekend at home the snoek came on between Westbrook and Umhloti and the few guys who were the scored big time! And Along the north coast the return Garrick are starting to come through and the guys who have braved the conditions have either seen or got fish.

On a different note Barret Harvey has finished his next in the African Spearfishing Diaries, and will be showing the DVD at the following venues:
  • DUC - Thursday 5th November - 6:30pm
  • Salt Rock Spearfishing Club - Friday 6th November - 6:30pm
  • UKZN - Thursday 12th November - 6:30pm

 Barret Harvey's - African Spearfishing Diaries Vol2

I have seen the film and Barret has some footage that will make you tingle this is one you will have to get for the collection.

Today Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine also sent out their Monthly Spearfishing Newsletter. There is a comp running to promote the forum and you can win a new Rabitech Sealth Pro speargun, and the guys have hit the forum with force!! It has been good to see the how the guys get to it with a little bit of motivation. Check the Newsletter

Other than that ...see you at Salties Club Nite on friday