Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spearfishing News

Morning All!

Well the east is pumping and looks like it is here for the next day or so, so there will be no diving here on the North Coast. This week end it was diveable and a mate got a 16kg Garrick off Tiffanies. I have not heard of too much else happening tho.

Down in the Cape the guys have started to get tuna again, last Thursday some guys landed a wack of good fish on line. The season should pick up, and run through to January.

The Kwazulu Natal Midlands Spearfishing Association have set a date for their trials. The first one is on the 1st December and will be a Gamefish only trial off deep Scotties. The North Coast Freediving Union might be climbing in on the action aswell.

If you hear of anything interesting just give me a shout and I will post it.



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Filming Manta Rays

A large Manta Ray rolling over to take a look.

The fish might have been quiet, but there were loads of Manta Rays around to be filmed. There were some really large ones and we managed to get close to the Manta Rays on a couple dives. The one in the picture would roll over every time we came close, probably to get a better look at us.

A small Manta coming onto the flashers

The smaller Mantas were shoaling and there must have been 15 to 20 under us at one stage, but they were swimming quiet deep down and it was difficult to get a good shot of them. It was very interesting to see how the small Mantas were attracted to the flashers, bringing the odd on up out of the deep blue.

A shoal of about 20 small Manta Rays off the drop off at 5 Mile Sordwana.

Manta Rays are really amazing creatures to film. And with a bit of luck on our next trip we will get some more footage, enough to put a nice little segment in a dvd.

Back here at home the sea is muck and the Beast from the East is clapping it .... So not too much diving going on here.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great Weekend Spearfishing Sordwana

Evan, Morne and myself went up to Sordwana for the weekend. We stayed at my mates place there..... It was spearo 5 star!!
  1. Aircon
  2. Beds
  3. Running water
  4. Deep freezers
  5. Electricity
So three cheers for my mate...... will have to point out a fat cuta on the flasher one day in return of the favor!

The water and sea conditions were great on Saterday and Sunday, it was just a little quiet. I suppose this is the luck of the draw this time of year tho. Morne did have a go at a rather large Wahoo and I saw a small one but it was not hanging around.

On the Saterday we managed a couple fish, Evan sneaked a cuta coming up the burley trail off 5 mile. While Morne and I got a fish each off Mushroom Rock at 7mile.

Morne's 8+kg snoek, a very tasty 7kg Kakaap and a burly busted Cuta.

On Sunday the sea was epic, good vis and very little wind for most of the day. Unfortunately it was just quiet. We filmed some Manta rays and got Morne shooting his Fulvie which is a new Salty's club record.
A frame grab from Morne's Fulve Kingfish footage

On the Monday the sea was a rough and we were spent from the long dive the day before so we did not dive to long. We saw a marlin from the boat and jumped in but we did not see it once we were in the water.

So although we did not get loads of fish, we dived flat out and had a great week end.



Friday, September 21, 2007

North Coast Freediving Union

Well it looks like its all thumbs up for the North Coast Freediving Union.
We have some admin things to sort out with the South African Underwater Fishing Federation (SAUFF) but this should be a matter of course.

It is not clear exactly when every thing will be official, there are still fees to be paid and the final ok from SAUFF.

This is super exciting as we will be sending guys to Nationals and this could open the door to other underwater sports like Underwater Hockey!

I will keep everyone posted on everything that is going down.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cracker in the Deep

Craig Harper with a White Muscle Cracker

Craig Harper sent me a pic of a good sized Brusher (White Muscle Cracker). By the looks of the pic he speared this one out in the deep, with John Little. Brusher often shoal out deep and you can also find them in caves, shooting free swimming fish obviously being a little more difficult as these fish are very shy. ....... well at least the ones I have seen in the deep.

Good News the Salty-Diver site is back up and running. A big thanks to Clint from Wire Khaya for sorting the site out. We will also be doing some upgrades to the site soon so keep an eye out on the site.

Then just to remind you that tonite is the meeting to set up the North Coast Spearfishing Union in Ballito. If you have any questions or thoughts please give me a shout. (my email is above this post!)

The sea is still very miff and green .... I keep reminding my self the more the North blows the sooner the warm Mozambique water will come down. Had a mate call yesterday who has been away for a couple weeks ...maybe months, he was seriously bleak with the conditions. So when it does get good get in, as the sea can be miff for weeks at this time of the year.

Anyway see ya


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spearfisng News

Well While the sea is muck ..... although yesterday morning was diveable (We missed it!!) There is not much to talk about. . . Sorry :-(

But there is still plenty going on....
  • The Fishing Corner's Comp is picking up momentum with clinics and new sponsors climbing on board. (go check - Fishing Corner )
  • Thursday Nite is the first get together of the be formed North Coast Spearfishing Union in Ballito. If you want to know more just drop me a mail.
  • Word is that this week Rob Allen's new muzzle and reel will be ready for final testing. Cant wait to get my hands on them and try them out.
    Rob is also working on a new buoyline, it is a hollow plastic rubber tube with dynema core. The cord stretches to 2x and will replace the old bungie and rope system. So far it looks good and I am hoping to try it out on the weekend up at Sordwana.
Also just to let you know that the Salty Diver web site is down, some Ass $%^%$#$% hacked the site and it is going to take some time to get it back up.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kelly Slater Boosts into Record Books...Again

Just when you thought the man had won every surfing accolade and record there is, Kelly Slater scalped another one over the weekend with his win at the Boost Mobile Pro. Slater’s latest victory marks his 34th career World Tour win, shattering the 33-win mark he previously shared with former three-time ASP World Champion Tom Curren. Curren held the record for 16 years before Kelly tied it at Bells in ’06, and it’s taken the Champ 18 months to break it.

Kelly now sits second in the ASP title race with France coming up its going to exciting to see what goes down. The other guys like Taj and Al are surfing like animals, with very few points seperating the top 5 spots. Its going to get exciting!!

As for the surf at home .... what surf? The Water is still green with little hope of a dive any time soon.

Catcha later


Monday, September 17, 2007

Fishing Corner Species Comp

Ok Its Comp time again in the usual Fishing corner style “No Entry Fee & Big Prizes”

If you want to enter all you have to do is click on the link below and become a member of Fishing Corner which is also free.

When & Where:

This comp will run from 22 September – 27 October 2007 with prize giving at Durban Paddle Ski Club on the 28th October 2007 everyone is to bring there own food braai’s will be supplied with charcoal. On the 22nd September we will open the comp at the Durban Paddle Ski Club 6:30 am followed by a training clinic as per the details on the site. For all those beginner spearos there will be a training session followed by a dive. The Boarders are open from Mozambique – Namibia (This is due to the nature of the site which is non exclusive)


Anyone can enter as long as you are a member on the fishing corner site. Register by going online and clicking on the register link. Please Email and let me know whether you will be fishing or spearing the comp ASAP! Before the comp starts!!


Species Multiplication Comp

How it Works:

Weight all your fish is multiplied by the amount of species caught. The minimum size of a fish that can be weighed is 2kg’s and only your top ten fish will count so be selective! Only fish caught over the weekend count. Again please be honest!

E.g. 6.2kg Snoek and + 5.3kg Garrick + a 7.2kg Snoek + 15.7Kg King Fish

Total Weight = 34.4kg’s

No. Of Species = 3

Total Points = 34.4 x 3 = 103.2 Points

The point of the comp is to try getting as many species as possible claiming Maximum points. All fish caught/shot must comply with SA Legislation depending on what region you come from. Due to the nature of the site fish must be caught within the boarders of SA. After every weekend pictures of your fish must be emailed to me at with the weight and fork length (Nose to fork of tail) supplied. This is solely based on honesty cheaters will be caught. Marlin and sailfish properly tagged with a witness will give you a flat 20 points to add to your total which will obviously not count for the spearos.


Prizes will be split for fishing and spearing Biggest fish claiming a weekend/week away at Umtwalume Peace of Paradise self catering Cottage sponsored by Steve Click on the link to view the cottage and the details

The winner of the Fishing side of the comp will Get Prizes valued at +- R3500 sponsored by Gladiator Lures – Bassel Manning – Stealth – Heb Coolers - Profile Creations (If you still want to add to the prizes let me know)

The winner of the Spearing Side of the comp will receive Spearfishing products from Pelaj at this stage and we are awaiting further sponsors watch this space.

Thanks for the help guys and if you know anyone else who would be interested in sponsoring some prizes and getting some coverage on our site please let me know.

Friday, September 14, 2007

30 year old Fish!!

A 30 year old fish??? No not a fish fish, but a fish as in surfboard fish. I finally decided to break my strike on surfing (I was in protest to the crap banks, so have not surfed much this year), and went for a wave with some mates.

I was not at my place so I borrowed a board and suit from my mate and headed to "Luck Packet Reef" for some high tide shift peaks. After a couple very bouncy 5ft drops my mate snaped his board, so I went in and gave him his one I was borrowing. Truth is I was hammered from not surfing for all these months.

But while parking off on the beach another mate who I have not seen for ages choons "Ride this ... You will never break this thing!" (obviously does not know me that well) as he hands me a 5'4" flat red Twin fin shaped by Safari Surfboards long before the Boer war.

I was poked, arms like noodles and shoulders aching something terrible ..... but I could not resist. I grabbed the board and jumped into the shore break ...damn this thing could do with a few more inches to help my noodles paddle. Any way I eventually got the a peak and nabbed a peak. Might have gotten unfit ... but can still hook the bomb! Anyway this thing just took off, next thing I was laying down the most porno Shaun Thomson styled cutbacks, freak it was fun.

Its weird it has taken a 30 year old twiny to get my juices flowing again ..... hell yea!

On the Spearfishing site here is an interesting site to go and visit :
Its Gletwyn Rubidge's site from PE side ..... some interesting pics and info go check it out.

On the weather front things look bleak for this weekend, strong Beasterly Easterly's and then back to South West on Sunday, I just dont think we are going to come right :-(

Any way cheers for now.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spearfishing Update

well not much on the Spearfishing front to update!! The water here just does not want to get clean. I went for a run along the beach front and there was probably just enough vis for a point dive grove, but thats about it.

I was looking at the water all depressed and was battling through my run with only the faint promise of getting fit for Mozambique as my motivation to keep going. When I stopped to ask an old man I see every day on the walking road how far he walks. Because every day I see this guy just walking. He pipes up,
"Oh 20km or so, I walk my dog for an hour in the morning, and then go for another 2 hours later. Today I am walking to Westbrook along the beach, its nice I will be the only one out there"
Gee and I am battling through a 5km slow run!!! Maybe walking is the way forward?? I know of a few divers who prefer walking for fitness than running. Its just the time thing I suppose?

Walk, run, gym or what ever its kind of that season. The sea has some issues its sorting out and I guess that forces us to aswell.

Damn I would rather be diving!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Intresting Spearfishing Discussion

Well there is not much good diving vis around, the BEAST for the EAST humped yesterday! Good news is that the south is already here and it looks like we might get lucky in the next couple of days.

There is an interesting discussion on the Salty Divers forum on the "Last Rockcod" you might find it interesting go check it out.

Lets hope the water comes right .... I need to dive.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Burnsy's Brusher

8.6kg Brusher - White Muscle Cracker

The water this week end just did not come right, but Burnsy managed to dig up a nice brusher off the shallows. Its a pity our Brusher and Garrick comp has not started as this would have been a great start to the Comp.

The Brusher and Garrick Comp will start next month, as we were needing to sort out somethings with our sponsors. And its just not as much fun with out prizes.

Its strange that the sea did not clean up on this last west and I hope that the next one will bring some joy.

Moreover the sea has been dead quiet, we went out to the shoal to film some sharks. The sea was a yucky green and after a couple drifts burling up a storm, not even a lone black tip came into sea what was up.

Its just that time of the year!


Friday, September 7, 2007

Looking good!

Went for a dive ... no fireworks but it is looking like we will dive this weekend. I did see a snoek but it was not keen to come home with me and I did not get a shot in.

Tonite is the Salty Divers Club meet in Ballito, and we are having a Garrick and Brusher workshop.

We will also be discussing the formation of the new North Coast Spearfishing Union.

If you are keen to come give me a shout
083 631 0841



Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Good Thing!

Well at the moment with strained lungs the sea very average ...but diveable, and the work load insurmountable. Its hard to find something good to talk about.

Then while I was diving into work 5:40 I realised it was light even tho there were some low clouds. And that my friends is great news, it means that when it gets clean we can dive from 5:30!!
No more swimming for 25min to the drop off to dive for 30min turn around and sprint back to the beach to get to work.
Now we can ....swim for 25min to the drop off to dive for 60min turn around and sprint back to the beach to get to work. :-)

I suppose that also means that there is enough time to hit a dive after work aswell now. If you are int the water at 5pm you can probably dive till some time after 6pm. Its a good thing!

And while we are on good things .... Salty Divers are having their Club nite on Friday in Ballito. We are are doing a Garrick and Brusher workshop ....should be fun.

Give me a shout if you are keen to join in. 083 631 0841



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sharks Chopper

Me & the Sharks Chopper in the Shark Tank
This past weekend ... before I bust a lung! I was invited to the Sharks vs Lions Rugby match in the Shark Tank with mates of mine from East Coast Choppers. They the cool bunch who customized a Chopper for the Sharks Rugby team.

I have always had a bit of a fascination for customised bikes, don't know if I will ever have the spare cash lying around to throw at one. But I will certainly agree that they are cool. The Sharks Chopper has a 1600cc, 100 and some more horse power and back tire wider than most pimped out 4x4's. It also sounds cool.
The Springbok Chopper
East Coast Choppers were also recently commissioned to build the Bok Bike, its one hellova bike and I am sure it will find it way onto the screens during the World Cup Rugby.
So if Harley's and custom Choppers are your thing or you just think they are cool go and check their web site ... East Coast Choppers

Monday, September 3, 2007

Busting a Lung!

The week end has come and gone .. and there were some fish shot! Some guys got some Dagga on the containers off Durban on Saturday. So naturally we follow suit and head out there on Sunday.

I went with JP who knows the place well and we were almost the first guys there, thats if you dont count the 8 fishing boats looking for bait.

The containers are in about 24 meters and the water was yucky green ..... but hey you would see a dagga if it were down there. Any way we climbed in and started putting some time on the bottom. But after the 4 or 5 dive I could hear my breath bubbling, and by the time I got to the boat I was coughing blood!! I had stressed my lungs?? I think it is similar to intra-alveolar hemorrhaging??

What had happened was that I did not warm up properly, and the muscles around my lungs and my lungs had not stretched or warmed up. Normally we are swimming through surf and or pushing a boat, doing one or two shallow dives. But we jumped off the boat after launching off Vetchies with out even breaking a sweat. So I jumped straight in, breathed up and swam down to the bottom. I actually remember my first dive being quiet stained, but did not think much of it. I just thought it was because I had been a little lazy this past week.

Anyway long story short I am out of the water with a chest that does not fell 100's. Next time i think I am going to hit a warm up run on the beach or something.

Hope your week end was better.