Monday, February 20, 2012

North Coast Spearfishing Network

Jothro Mc Carthy with a monster Wahoo at Vidal
A little over a week ago the North Coast Spearfishing Network group was started on Facebook. There have been similar groups that have worked really well, the Capetown come to mind.

The idea is to share whats going on, and hook up with guys spearfishing in the area. The need for guys to network was the primary motivator for the group as there few ways for guys to meet up and get to know each other on the North Coast, especially further north.

Craig Harper with a good North Coast Couta - Its that time of the year!
Already the group is a hive of activity and some great pics 'above' have been shared and guys have used the network to meet up for dives. So why not go have a look at the North Coast Spearfishing Network and join in if you feel the group would be of value to you, or better yet if you think you could add value to the group.



Friday, February 3, 2012

Spearfishing with Len De Beer

Le De Beer is one of South Africa's great Spearfisherman. For the last 20 years Len has been on the forefront of South African Spearfishing, successfully competing provincially, nationally and international for South Africa.
Len finding the only Couta around in in Nov 2011 on a short visit home.
For the past few years he has been living in New Zealand but comes home occasionally, last year he was home during November and while every one was fumbling around looking for a half decent fish he shot a 25kg Couta of the Bluff.

Here is a great vid the our man Brod Whittaker on the the Legend Len De Beer. This is Vol 9 in Brods very popular Youtube series.

If you can see the video Try Here

Check out all his Videos: Brods Channel
Hope you enjoy