Friday, February 27, 2009

Crayfish Season Opening

Its Bugg time!! Crayfish season opens on Sunday and for the first time in a number of years it looks like we will actually have a half decent dive on opening day. For the past few years opening day has been bleak, I am not saying the conditions are great but it will be flat and there should be enough vis to find those buggs.

Please dont forget your licenses! Remember that that they are only valid for the year you got them in. So if you got a license late last year it is not valid for this year. 
Another thing is that you are supposed to have your id book to prove you are the license holder, so have a copy of some sort of identification as well.

Other than that ....

Happy Bugging


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spearfishing - The Snoek are Still On!

Hey Guys,

Sorry I have been quiet, mixture of insain work pressure and getting back on the mend!! I have  not been near the sea yet, and it starting to drive me nuts. I feel for all you chaps up country .....

Anyway the water has not been great but there are some patches of 3-6m water here and there, and with the early morning high tides some of the points are still producing snoek.

I have had reports from La Mercy / Westbrook area all the way north of quality snoek coming out.

There have been few reports of Cuta, but In think this is more to do with the lack of good water more than them not being here. As some of the paddle ski guys seem to be getting some good fish even in the merky waters.

There looks like there is a small coastal low going to bring a light southerly wind today. This will make for great conditions ... lets hope the vis improves.


Monday, February 23, 2009

I am Back

Ponta on a small cyclone swell doing its thing

Well after being on my back for 2weeks with some mystery illness, I am finall back on my feet and in the office. 

While I was down Ponta went off, the North coast had some epic lefts, and the snoek made some spearfishermen very happy when the came through in huge numbers.

The water cleaned up a little over the weekend and boy keen to find the cuta did get in. Unfortunatly the Cuta just dont seem to be around in any kind of decent numbers.

I will get my ear back to the ground.

I'm back


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dogs Bottom

Hey Guys,

Sorry if I have been quiet, I have gotten sick and only came out of hospital yesterday. They still have no idea what is making me feel like a dogs bottom, even after countless blood tests, a lumber puncture etc etc

I am back home and can manage to get out of bed between doses of meds. I will probably still be out of it for a couple days .... so till then


Friday, February 6, 2009

Salt Rock Spearfishing Club Nite

Hey Guys, its Club Nite Tonite!! 
And there is a whole lot going on. We are unveiling the new look for the club ..... Super excited about that!! Dane at Beetle Inc has had his guys put together some stuff that is mind blowing!!!!

The new design for one of the shirts for this year.

We will also be running through this years shirt designs and ideas for the clubs activities over the next few months. 

I will also be showing the guys hosw to make a basic flasher .... a must for summer cuta!!

For once it looks like there is no rain and the braai will be a humm dingger!

See you there


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spearfishing Tavarua

Tavarua Island - Flip just imagine the spearfishing and surfing trip you could have?

Spearfishing Tavarua
, now there is a thought! 

Epic all time waves with some diving thrown in. Well its actually true I came across this contest that will be held on the Island of Tavarua, check the newsletter from

Cloud Break Tavarua going  mental.
Nixon High Tide Hold'em

Tavarua Fiji
12 - 21 February 2009

Nixon High Tide Hold'em brings the A-listers to Tavarua

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 February, 2009 : - - Encinitas, Ca -- Nixon is gearing up to take over the Fijian island of Tavarua for the third annual Nixon High Tide Hold’Em taking place February 12-21.  The invitation only event pits some of action sports leading athletes in a series of competitions ranging from poker to ping pong, spearfishing to karaoke and two separate surf challenges all in the name of fun.
“This is an anti-contest of sorts,” states Nixon Marketing Director, Chad DiNenna. “We bring our friends together for an all island challenge where there is more fun being had than actual competition. Winning an event is just a byproduct of the good time we have on Tavarua.”
Confirmed attendees for this years High Tide Hold’Em come from the world of skate, surf, snow, and include: Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Andy Irons, Dusty Payne, Claire Bevilacqua, Travis Rice, Todd Richards, Hana Beaman, and the return of the 2007 overall High Tide Hold’Em winner, Cheyne Magnusson.  
Now attending his third High Tide Hold’Em, an enthusiastic Todd Richards commented, “It’s cool to hang with the athletes from other sports. Sharing a beer, planning duets on karaoke, getting sunburned. I love it all!”  Event updates, pictures and video content will be featured on Surfer magazines website the week of the contest and FUEL TV will be filming The Daily Habit from the island.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spearfishing and Fishing Ban at Cape Vidal

We here it is in Black and White! Spearfishing and Fishing is banned at Cape Vidal, in an area that streaches for 2km along the coast and 1 nautical mile out to sea.

This is sad for the sport fishing (spearfishing and skiboat) community that was already restricted to gamefish only.

I just wonder how they intend policing the area, from what I know the local OIC - 'Officer In Charge' has never launch the patrol boat ...not once!

But I am not sure I want to take the chance.



Spearfishing - Fishing 12'6" Ski Vee

12'6" Ski Vee needs to find a home.

Dylan Pentz is emigrating and needs to flog his Ski Vee. Its Going for R20 000 ....
12'6 Skivee in excellent condition with 25 Yamaha.

I have had the boat a year now and she has been perfect for spearfishing and fishing.

We normally fish FADs that are around 6kms out so I can assure you that I really trust the motor it is VERY clean! Also keep it well serviced. Just been serviced about 3 weeks ago.

I normally launch at Umdloti and I have been using a bantam to do so...thats how easy and light it is. I do have a 4x4 but the bantam works out the easiest. Dont go buy a big boat that never gets used because it is too much of a mission to launch each time. My girlfriend and I can launch this by ourselves very easily.

All safety gear included including 3 life jackets.

I am immigrating to OZ on Friday so would like to sell before then if possible.

please call Dylan on 072 776 8865

Cape Vidal Sunken Barge Fight

There seems to be a little bit of poo bieng thrown around over the barges sunk at Cape Vidal in the St Lucia Wetlands Park. Check out this artical below  ... interesting reading.

Just Click this link:- Cape Vidal Barge Fight  Or using the tools below zoom in and read away.

Spearfishing - East London Cracker

Mike - 9kg Cracker - Eastern Cape

While the sea here has only just started to come right, Mike headed down the coast to East London and found a nice White Muscle cracker in a cave. 

Back home the sea is starting to look better but the swell looks good for surfing after this next spell of Southerlies. A couple fish did come out over the weekend with the guys on ski's, but that was amungst a whole bunch of them so it wasnt ixactly going off.

This weekend (Saturday) will be a right off as there will be over 100 fishing ski's fishing a comp off Salties. So there will be little point diving at home. I suppose it is just one day!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing - Whats Up?

Hey guys,

At the onset of the weekend I was quiet bleak, coz the rivers had come down and wrecked what would have been an all time dive weekend.

But all was not lost, as it turned out the surf was fairly good and surfable from Friday morning till mid afternoon Sunday. On Friday there was some goos swell and my lighty was getting some serious double over head waves ...and beattings :-)

The conditions we great yeasterday and dispite the small swell I landed up surfing for almost 8 hours. Braiden churps up on our out the surf "I still have some energy" ... damn I miss those days!!
Anyway its monday morning, I am sunburned, stiff and only think of one thing ..... and its not work :-)

This Friday nite the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club's monthly meet. 

This a key evening as we will be setting things up for the year.
 On the agenda will be:
  • Club Fees & what we will be doing as far as shirts or jackets for the year.
  • Club Trip?
  • I will also be doing a short tutorial on making a basic flasher ...
  • And we are currently in the throws of redesigning the Club logo and web site, and I am sure there will be some discussion around this.
We will be doing the "Dop n Chop" thing at my place......  and the long term forecast shows no rain!!!!
This will be a good one to invite some mates ...oh and bringing the wife and kids is a must!

Give me a shout if you need to 083 631 084