Monday, May 8, 2023

26mm CDR3 Double Roller for Ermes, Soriatec and Pathos Spearguns


NEW & IMPROVED Coatesman's 26mm ID Single & Double Roller Speargun Muzzles. Specifically designed to fit on 26mm ID Soriatec, Pathos & Ermes speargun barrels and comes with double barrels O-ring seals eliminating the need to plug the barrels.

So now you can build your own single or double rollers using a wide range of components from European manufacturers. 


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Sunday, April 30, 2023

The New Ultra Light - CDR3L Coatesman's Double Roller Muzzle.

coatesmans ultra light double roller muzzles

The Light CDR3L Coatesman's Double Roller

I have just released the newest version of my double roller the CDR3L. This new 'lighter' version is the same as the CDR3 but with smaller lighter bearings. This reduces the weight of the muzzle by 35g which significantly affects the buoyancy on spearguns using std Rob Allen railed barrels. Giving the same affect of either increasing the barrel length by 5cm or reducing a 7.5mm steel shaft by 10cm.

This improvement in buoyancy almost eliminates the need for cuttlefish barrels on the longer 120 & 130cm guns. This means that you have a well balanced speargun that is as sleek and manoeuvrable as a std Rob Allen 'pipe' gun, but with all the benefits of a powerful double roller. 

With the CDR3L's weight similar to that of the std Rob Allen single roller, shorter guns like the 100cm  & 110cm are now way more practical options than before. So now you can easily hand load guns from 100cm up to130cm shooting 7.5mm shafts without sacrificing any performance.

Coatesmans Double Roller Speargun
27kg Spanish Mackerel taken on a 110cm CDR3L

To achieve this buoyancy improvement The size and weight of the bearing needed to be reduced without sacrificing performance, and durability in harsh spearfishing conditions. The solution is the new ultra light & strong hybrid ceramic bearings, with stainless steel inner and outer races. The Stainless steel inner and outer race ensure the durability against impact and deforming under high loads.

For more information and to purchase your own CDR3L muzzle kit visit

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

NEW 26mm ID Coatesman Single Roller for Ermes Sub & Soriatec Spearguns

This new Coatesman Single Roller Speargun Muzzle - CSR🎯 is specifically designed to fit on 26mm ID Soriatec & Ermes speargun barrels. This ultra light weight single roller speargun muzzle is the lightest roller muzzle with hybrid ceramic bearings on the market. This solves the issue with short roller guns being muzzle heavy  and eliminates the need for cuttlefish barrels on shorter guns.

The CSR🎯 has been specifically designed to be as compact and low profile as possible, using 14mm bands and 7mm shaft. Careful attention has been made to where the bands lie along the barrel. Reducing the overall profile of the gun.

Almost a decade of roller gun muzzle design and experimentation has gone into making the CSR the most high performance single roller muzzle available. Without compromising on the same proven  construction and robust materials used in the CDR3🎯 series.

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Spearfishing With Sharks - Adventures on the Taxman

There is an old spearfishing saying, “No sharks, no fish” 

Spearfishing with Sharks

Spearfishing on the east coast of South Africa in summer can be a wild affair. The moment the pelagic fish arrive they seem to bring with them hoards of sharks. Or is it the other way around?

This past year the diving was short lived with two cyclones wrecking the conditions for most of the summer. Followed up by massive flooding in April which then canceled any hope of diving through winter. And it seems like we are still wallowing in the murk 8 months later.

The diving we did however get in the summer was action packed and the fish really seemed to be here enforce. And those who found the odd clean gap between the cyclone swells got real lucky.

I managed to get one good day out off our home grounds at the beginning of April, just before the floods hit. The sharks were wild, and in some places seemed to be shoaling. Ryan and I got a bunch of really good fish, and we somehow didn't lose any fish to sharks. We had a bunch of fairly close encounters that got the heart pumping, making for some entertaining videos.

The vis however was really marginal, and the weather was overcast and gloomy. So I only filmed a bunch of my dives with the a gopro 7. I never had any intention of using any of the footage. As the gloomy green water did not make for great 'eye candy'.

A few months later going through the footage and realising that the footage was really action packed I decided to put an edit together. I had not filmed any B roll footage to add to the edit. So I decided to try something a little different and do a 'blow by blow' run down of each dive filmed and try add in as much value as possible, commenting on techniques and situations as they happened.

I hope you enjoy this video and running commentary of each dive as it happened. Who knows maybe this will be the start of a series of videos diving with Ryan on the Taxman.