Monday, June 13, 2022

Stoked The Podcast - Chris Coates

What a laugh!! Sat down with Matt & Jacques from 'Stoked The Podcast'
The conversation took on a life of its own, ending up with Matt wanting to
get a tramp-stamp tattoo of a seal with the inscription, " Eternal Grom".
We did talk spearing and surfing too 🙂 Go check it out

Friday, May 13, 2022

CSR Single Roller Speargun Muzzle

The ALL NEW Coatesman Single Roller Speargun Muzzle - CSR🎯 is specifically designed to fit on 26.5mm ID Rob Allen speargun barrels. This ultra light weight single roller speargun muzzle is the lightest roller muzzle with ceramic bearings on the market. This solves the issue with short roller guns being muzzle heavy  and eliminates the need for cuttlefish barrels on shorter guns.

single rollergun

The CSR🎯 has been specifically designed to be as compact and low profile as possible, using 14mm bands and 7mm shaft. Careful attention has been made to where the bands lie along the barrel. Reducing the overall profile of the gun. This makes the CSR🎯 roller on a Rob Allen carbon Barrel and Vecta2 handle the ultimate (Euro style pipe) single roller on the market.

Coatesmans Single Rollergun

Almost a decade of roller gun muzzle design and experimentation has gone into making the CSR the most high performance single roller muzzle available. Without compromising on the same proven  construction and robust materials used in the CDR3🎯 series.

Single Roller Gun

The CSR🎯 comes with the 'Easy Load Pretension Hooks' system. Eliminating any potential snags common on the old mushroom anchor points. This also makes attaching and detaching the rubbers quick and easy.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Spearfishing Giant Marlin on a Reelguns

 What are your thoughts on targeting extra large fish with reelguns?

Over the past few years a number of XL Marlin have been landed on spearguns using reels. I personally was lucky enough to have shot and landed a Black Marlin of 230kg using a 130 Rob Allen reelgun. I had a perfect opportunity, and landed a kill shot stoning the large fish. But it has always intrigued me as to what would have happened if I did not stone the Marlin with a lethal shot. 

230kg Black Marlin

Over the past few years a number of XL Marlin have been shot and landed with reelguns. Many of them were also killed on the first shot. The most notorious is Albert Prinsloo's 374.8 kg / 826.3 lbs IUSA World Record Black Marlin. 

Albert Prinsloo's 374.8 kg / 826.3 lbs
IUSA World Record Black Marlin. 

But what happens when you don't kill the giant fish on the first shot? 

Guy Le Meme's 253kg beast Black Marlin shot with a std Rob Allen 120 reelgun, was one of those fish that put up a fight. Taking 2 hours and multiple shots to subdue the fish. 

Guy Le Meme's 253kg Black Marlin

Shooting giant fish like these on reelguns normally means that you run out of the spearguns reel line pretty fast and you need to have a beltreel or access to a float and buoy line to land the fish. 

Probably the best blow for blow example of this is the Black Marlin Cris Dillon shot in Mozambique.
The marlin quickly emptied the gun reel and Cris's belt reel. Fortunately his friend Jamie was there to clip his belt reel to the spooling line. This gave them enough time to get a large float attached to Jamies line.
From there the fish towed them 5km before they could get the fish close enough to get a second kill shot to kill the fish.

Watch the a blow by blow video here: Spearfishing Marlin on a Reel Gun

So would you take the shot if you only had a reel gun in your hands when a giant fish swims up to you? I think if you are prepared with beltreels and a float ready to clip on then, yes. 
Maybe one day I will have another opportunity to shoot a giant fish like this, and have adrenaline rush of battling the fish with out killing it outright. 


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Spearfishing Mozambique - Spear Junkies Ep1


Spearfishing Mozambique Black Marlin

Spear Junkies is a spearfishing journey that follows host Cris Dillon traveling the world on a year long adventure chasing 12 dream fish. Join Cris and his guest divers as they travel to some of the world's most spectacular spearfishing destinations in search of 12 specific fish.

Spear Junkies Spearfishing Fish List
12 Spear Junkie fish and weights to 'Tick' off.

Spearfishing River Snapper World Record
Some fish speared were not on the list like this very special 10.5kg Rock Salmon near Maputo.
0.5kg over the current IUSA World Record.

Spearfishing Black Marlin Mozambique
Cris Dillon with an excellent Black Marlin and a well deserved "Tick" on the shirt

Executive Producer Cris Dillon Camera & Edit - Barret Harvey (@African Spearfishing Diaries ) Camera & Guide Chris Coates (@Coatesman's Spearfishing ) Produced by Apnea Productions. Watch the first episode here: Spear Junkies - Spearfishing Black Marlin in Mozambique