Thursday, May 31, 2007

Salty Divers Club Meet

Hey guys . . Sorry for the late mail. It has been one of those weeks.
There is no club meet tomorrow nite, as it is the Durban boys turn to host.
So it will be next Thursday nite some where in town.
I have excellent feed back from the training we did a month or so
back, so I an keen to do some more with you guys.
Give of a shout he you have any suggestions or things you would want to learn.

Sorry again for being slack. . No excuse other than the excess amount
of salt water on the brain.


Dive On!

The dive is on ...... everywhere!

Dont believe the sharksboard report!! The south coast is crystal and I got a good report from the Bluff. at home the water is about 6m plus so get out there.

There are some easterlies tomorrow I hope it does not mess things up.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bog Bay

Finally Bog Bay had wave to surf!

Nothing overly special, the swell was perfect, some sets almost 6 ft - but the banks are still shot. The swell was breaking off the outside brick on Bog point and breaking quiet deep out. It wasn't really running but I did surf 2 waves to the rock at Bathers Beach.
I had some nice hairy take-offs on the brick ....... I suppose that made the session worth while!

I had a call from the "South Coast Slayer" and he reports that the Garrick are in full force just north of the Kei. Large shoals of Garrick came past him on a recent dive and he said he got his 2 Garrick in about 5 min. He said that all through the dive the Garrick were around, but he did say that most of them were under the 10kg mark. Garrick never the less.

The water at home is cleanish probably ok for a point dive once the swell subsides. The weather looks great for the next few days with the swell dropping through the day becoming small on Friday.

I will probably be looking to get in for a point dive with tides becoming high in the morning.

Thats all for now,


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hands up!

Hands up those who would rather not be at work today!

You as well ........ flip!

On days like these I seriously could ...........just .........

Lets not go there ...  :-)


Monday, May 28, 2007

Surf and Dive update

Hey guys,

How was your week end? Mine was great ... we went down on our churches family camp to the south coast and I managed to sneak some waves in before breakfast. On Saturday we surfed Banana beach and had a couple fun ones and on Sunday we hit what was supposed to be a secret spot ..... thats in plain sight and between 2 very popular breaks.

Any how we had a couple great waves and it was good to get back into the water again.

Only thing was that while surfing I was constantly aware that the water was crystal clean and warm. And knowing that the fish are on down there I could only imagine what the dive was doing.

Back at home a mate said that he had already got 2 Garrick on one dive off one of the points .... so they are around!!

The weather front today will blow east but looks moderate for the next few days ..... not much in the way of surf or diving tho.



Friday, May 25, 2007

Swell Stacked up and nowhere to go!

The swell is stacked up and has nowhere to break. If this morning was a year ago or we had banks usual. I would be writing to tell you how epic the surf is.

But as life has it I spent over an hour and 40km  in mileage to find that the north coast does not have a single break that is breaking. The swell is epic ..... 4-6ft with 3-5 wave sets and in beautiful lines. The tide was fairly low when I saw it and it just was not doing anything .... it is really sad.

On the up side you can see at some spots the sand banks are starting to form a little so, maybe after a few more cold fronts we will have some waves to surf.

On the spearfishing front .... nothing has being going down. Well not around here at least.

Will keep you posted.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Swell Forecast

Big swell is still hitting the coast. I was down very early for a surf
but it was still very strong. The swell forecast said the swell was
still going to be strong today and was forecast to come again on the
Lets hope that the swell forecast is wrong and the swell drops enough
to surf and even dive.
Cheers for now

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bog, Surfers and Sunrise Point Breaks - will Ballito get waves this winter?

The BIG question? Will Ballito get waves this winter?

Bog Point, Surfers Point and Sunrise Point all have one thing in common these days ..... absolutely no sand banks!

I was chatting to an old local yesterday down on the beach about the condition of the surf. A good solid south swell was running and we should have been watching barrels breaking top to bottom off the the three points - (Bog, Surfers and Sunrise Point Breaks).

But instead we watched shifty peaks dissolving into foam balls. Its been two months since the storm hit us and in some places there is still no sand even on the beaches.

"Dog" as he is known by the locals piped up "after the 87 floods the banks at Bog and Surfers never fully recovered for years" So what is going to happen now?

My question is that surely now they ' The powers at be" will remove the Rocks at Boulders that were put into make a small paddling pool that restrict the natural flow of sand. Simon Bundy our resident environmentalist has alsready done a study on these rocks and has proven to some degree that they are not helping. I just wish some one would get off their A and do something!

Enough whinging  ... dis lekker in Afrika


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beautiful Swell

Beautiful Swell

Woke up this morning and it was hell cold. The wind was pushing a bit so I did not go dive or surf. I got to look at the sea earlier and there is a Beautiful Swell running. Only if we had some banks for the waves to break on.

Apparently it is snowing in Plett!!!



Monday, May 21, 2007

Wind, Swell and More Swell

Morn'n chaps,

Its wind swell and some more swell! Thats whats on the horizon for the next week. The sad thing is that there are no real banks to surf on and we will not be able to dive either.

I think spots like Westbrook and odd beach break might get some action but as for Bog and Surfers point .... its still looking bleak.

The week end looks like some more large swell on its way .... so don't hold your breath for a dive!

Well I know the buggs are happy


Friday, May 18, 2007

Running shoes!

Its time to whip out the running shoes!!

The water is green ... even after the west yesterday. The Beasterly easterly is on it's way and will blow till Sunday and on Monday .. a good thing the west will hit. But it will be nice and strong, so the first chance to get in the water and spearfish might only be on Wednesday.

I will be finding my running shoes and hitting the tarmac till then.


Man I hate running!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007



Blasted thermocline!!

I got up this morning early bells expecting it to be clean. Was halfway through kitting up when my faithful spearfishing buddy pipes up "damn I have to go and get my gun"

This was a sign!

Anyway it was early so by the time he got back and in our kit it was still dark. We hit the beach and started to swim, the water was nice and warm and I was hopeful that by the time it got light we would be on the drop off 20min swim away.

But this was short lived, we were quiet far out when a freak ...'blinking freak' wave landed on my head! I mean it squared me up on the pip, I did not even see it coming ..... I suppose it was dark! It reminded me of those school yard fights when so pleb to scared to face 'Bitch slapped' you from behind. Whamo! 'Bitch slapped' properly ...... oh flip! where is my mask!!!

This was the second sign!

Not only was I Bitch slapped but pick pocketed as well!

So we turned around, went back to the car and  got a back up mask and snorkel.  Only thing was that  the spare snorkel that i usually carry an old Picasso  snorkel  was not there.

Another Sign!!

Just some 'Vaalie' snorkel with some dumb-ass value thing! Thinking that it would be fine, we ran back down and jumped back in the surf. It was only now getting light ... just a little.

I ducked under the first wave and realised that this damn snorkel was terrible. It felt like there was something stuck in the pipe and restricting the air flow. 'Light Bulb' Its a blinking 'Vaalie' snorkel some bright spark bubble blower had designed the thing with valves to 'Help' purge the water. ...Or more like to simulate breathing with a faulty BC.

This was another Sign ...... It amazes me how stubborn I am! Most guys by now would have turned and hit the beach. Do you think God is trying to tell me something???

So we pushed through ...... I was out of breath when we hit back line and it was like I was trying to breath through a straw. Nevertheless we still had some time ..... about 40min or less. So I figure we will go halfway out grab one or eight buggs quick ..... (my mates is having buggs at his wedding) what we do for mates??

Some how I dont notice that I cant see the reef below  ..... still dark??

I check some land marks figure I am near to a nice drop in the reef that produces some fish. Pull my head out the water to take some normal breaths to try and relax. Set my watch so I can check the depth and hence my location on the reef, and dive down.


The siffist thermocline ever!! I did not even hit the bottom. By the now the sun was up nice and orange ..... enough light .. if it was clean. I decided to see what the vis was on the bottom ...... maybe I would get lucky and still pull one or ..... two ( not eight) buggs.

I dive down again. Thud I come to a grinding hult on the bottom as my head smashes into the reef. Ok here it is .... hey where did everything go?? It was only 11m and it was pitch black I could not even see my hand in front of my face.

So we turned around swam for the beach, fought against a current, got drilled by some more waves ... the whole time while breathing through a straw ....... by the way who's dumb-ass 'Vaalie' snorkel is that?? And How did it land up in my bag??

We hit the beach out of breath ... well I was and muttered how kuk things were.

My faithful mate who had come along for this joy ride, put it all in perspective.
"You could have woken up in Joburgh"

Enough said!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spearfishing on Aliwal Shoal

Like I said down south is cooking! And at this time of the year Spearfishing on Aliwal Shoal is always a good thing.

I have been trying to organise a spearfishing trip to the Shoal, but my weekends are all full. During the week is not an option. ....... I am a spearfisherman with a serious work problem!!

Wayno with a nice 32kg sailfish and some of the south coast locals.

Spearfishing update

I managed to get in this morning. The water was good and I think that
with enough time some thing would have swam past.
That said the action is down south and this time of the year is
notorious for having quiet spells.
See you out there

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spearfishing - Aliwal Shoal is on!

Hi guys,
Looks like we are in for some weather according to the synoptic chart. The wind forecasts show moderate winds ... but I am doubtful.
The water was miff on our coast this morn ... I was going to get in but when I heard the west I stayed in bed. Steve traveled all the way from Hillcrest to dive 3m vis with no fish. With dedication like that it is only a matter of time before he is paid back big time.
Aliwal Shoal has been on!! On the weekend there were reports of some good fish including Wahoo. Wayno went spearfishing yesterday with some of the local crew, and came away with an impressive 32kg Sailfish. They also speared some wahoo around the 20kg mark.
So I am itching for some action.
Are you??

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back from Bilene Mozambique

Hey guys,

We are back!!

Bilene in Mozambique was fantastic as always, and the diving was great. We had epic conditions for the first couple of days but got caught out towards the end of the trip.

The pearler condition however meant that there was little current, but Iain, Morne and myself still managed to get good fish each dive.

Morne took the cake almost every day topping his trip with a nice 21.8kg cuta ..... I almost got it on film, but was too busy filming spade fish ....!!!! You will have to wait for us to edit the footage!

I have started putting some pics up in my gallery.

A big thanks must go to Shaun for holding the fort while I was away, just reading throught the reports ... he did a smashing job. Thanks a mill Bud.

And so it seems that while we were away, you guys had some good times! I even heard of a chap shooting a 240kg marlin!! Stone dead!!!

Anyway, I will be trying to get in tomorrow as I have to gets some buggs for Robin Lavery's wedding on Saterday. (same time as the rugby final!!!) I guess Rob will find out who his real mates are???

Cheers 4 now


Fishing Is Wild

All I can say is get in the water it is clean and plenty of fish around! guys are getting fish everywhere  so just get in

Friday, May 11, 2007

South The Place To Be

The swell has arrived but will be short lived, weather is good for the week end, I think if you can get on a boat you might find some Vis out deep. I think the swell will mess up anything the west did inshore. The reports are that south cost is still clean and good fish coming out in the Mtwalume area. So go south and maybe you will be in to some fish. For the surfers waves are perfect this morning so get down there!



Thursday, May 10, 2007

Come on North Coast!

Again the south coast is clean and the North coast poor, Lets hope this west cleans things up. Got a Snoek at Blue lagoon this morning on rod again. I think that we should be in for a dive this weekend that is if the swell doesn't mess things up.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

South Good North Bad

Got this from Rory Down the south cost

Hi Chris

For your info – water on middle south coast has been pretty clean over weekend although a bit patchy in places.  Dived Umzumbe on Saturday and it was awesome at 20-30m viz with a few small cuda around but not really happening fish wise.  But get this – I heard from a mate of mine that a 240kg marlin was speared  on 19 fathoms (stone dead) and was too big for the little duckie the guys were on….they had to call one of the Shoal dive boats to get it loaded.  Don't know who the speoro was.


North coast is still not that great water is green and the waves small, I went fishing off blue lagoon this morning and got 2 snoek I also lost 2, so they are around. I have still heard of the odd cuta coming out. Interesting news I heard on the fishing Report this morning is that the Garrick have been coming out on the south cost, so early Cuta Early Garrick lets hope for a big sardine run this year!

I will give a couple guys down south a call today and post it up tomorrow

Shaun Reid

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Come On Water!

Heard of some Couta coming off Stud Rock by ski fisherman one of 15kg +, but the major verdict is poor Vis and perfect weather conditions, there is talk of a clean water line moving so might be in for a chance later this week. Just a heads up The Umkomaas ski boat club is raffling off a custom made stealth ski R5700.00 and R1500.00 Gladiator fishing lures. Total prize worth R7200.00. Draw date 30.06.07 winner will be contacted by phone.

For a ticket email they are going fast 200 tickets only at R30.00 each


Gladiator Lures is also raffling R2000 worth of fishing gear 50 tickets at R20 each email Jamie as well.


If you can't dive then resort to fishing is my motto so get in the water – anyways dive hard and shoot strait hope to see the water clean up soon! I am busting for a good dive.


Shaun Reid  

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bad Vis Good Fish

Hi guys will be filling in for Chris while he is away, The vis is poor all over from what I have heard, the fish are still around though, I was down at DUC yesterday afternoon and saw a ski boat with 3 Cuta and a Queenie the Cuta were all +10kg's in size. Some of the other ski fishermen got great bags of Snoek off the Virginia stretch. Other than that I have no other news. If you do hear of some Vis please let me know! Thanks guys weather is good for this week so some fishing would go down well!


Shaun Reid


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I am always looking for ways to improve the service so any feedback is welcome.
(The next delivery is scheduled for the 21st June which is 5 weeks after this delivery, 17th May (usually 4 weeks interval) so please stock up accordingly).
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Friday, May 4, 2007

Spearfishing Vis report


It is a pearler ..... that is if the water was clean!

Its muck! I cant work out if it is just bad water or the poo that is still pumping into the sea. The fact that most of the coast is muck, makes me think that it is the sea. I kind of get the feeling that a good strong cold front could set things back in motion. But with the high pressure system over the coast it will be a couple of days before a low pressure will be able to penetrate up our coast line.

There looks like there could be swell, but with the easts all weekend .. tho light and the banks been a mess I doubt any decent surf will be around.

But as for me I am not too worried, I will be in Mozambique!! ....... So I should have some stories to tell when I am back. Shaun Reid will be doing the updates while I am away and I will try send him news from Mozambique while we are away.

Also dont forget tonight is Club nite and we will be watching Shaun's dvd from his sordwana trip .... great stuff.



Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spearfishing whats going on??

Well the sea looks Poo.

I don't think anywhere was dive able yesterday and it looks no better today. A light south might bring some hope, but lets not get 2 excited. There also appears to be some swell pulling in for the week end. Looks fairly solid at this stage, maybe some waves!!

As for me I am not getting a whole lot of sleep. The excitement of Mozambique in 3 days is overboard!! Just hope the swell does not throw a dampener on the first few days up there. I suppose what will be will be!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back to Work :-(

Back to work ..... arg!

Dont think there was much happening this weekend, most spots just did not get clean .... bummer. A mate even went out to Protea Banks and only found shoals of Zambies.

Dont want to make you green but in 4 sleeps I will be on route to Mozam ...... sweet.