Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Early Winter Spearfishing

Gregg Audie 40kg Iggie off Sordwana
 Early winter on the north coast can be seriously frustrating. Either the swell is so good its hard to actually go dive or the dive conditions are so good but there are no fish around ... and you are left wondering why you never surfed.

Some guys head further north to Sodwana, Vidal and Mapelane and make the most of the generally epic conditions. Although there are usually not too many fish around it is usually quality fish that come out.
Gregg Audie got a 40kg off Sordies over the weekend and I heard that there were also some good size Couta lurking around Vidal. It will be another month or so before the big return Couta fat on Sardines make their way past Vidal, but there are still some good fish around.

At home its been very quiet other than the odd Garrick off the points, that said some guys found a shoal of Snoek over the weekend and nailed it. It seems they were very luck as I know every one else scratched for fish.
Rowan Colman 38kg Daga off the Bluff
The Daga are slowly making an appearance in the Durban area, and I heard that one or two have been seen on the wrecks already. It is a bit early and we will only start to see the numbers in August. That said rown Colman got a monster Daga a week or so ago off the Bluff. He was in shallow water when a whole shoal swam in on him. I guess that's a good sign and maybe we will get an early run of Daga this year.

I know a couple guys heading down to the Kei so it will be interesting to hear what they come back with.

Dive safe


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Winter Swells Arrive

Warren Blackmore loving the off shore winds.
Well winter is upon us and on the north coast the spearfishing kind of goes very quiet. Its a strange time of the year, the summer gamefish have left with only the odd stray Couta lurking around and the winter Garrick and Daga have not quiet got here.

On the up side the morning off shore winds groom the winter swells and almost every point from Transkei to Mozambique is going off. So that's what we have been up to the last few weeks ... more surfing than diving.

This weekend has more swell and winter winds so next week is looking like a cracker for the surf.

See you out there