Monday, September 22, 2014

Spearfishing Ascension Island

MJK spearing off Ascension
Mohammed Al Kuwari 118kg Yellowfin Tuna Ascension Island
It has been a long time since I last blogged, I have been on a mission with a couple things, one of them an epic 3 week spearfishing trip to Ascension Island.

If you have been following social media you would have seen all the pics that flooded the 'interweb' from the crazy last season on the 'Rock'. I was fortunate to follow MJK there to the island and spend days on end filming the most insane Yellowfin Tuna action I have ever seen. Oh and the 40-50m vis was not mind blowing at all either .... just saying.

Anyway here is a short vid with some all time footage of MJK on a crazy sized Yellowfin.  I also got a chance and MJK did a bang up job of filming me on my PB Yellowfin Tuna. (double thumbs up to MJK) Read the full story here Ascending Expectations - Spearfishing Ascension Island

Hope you enjoy,