Friday, May 17, 2013

North Coast Yellowfin Tuna Spearfishing

Andrew Clarkson 35kg Yellowfin Tuna
A little while back I wrote a blog about me finally spearfishing a Yellowfin Tuna off the back of a pod of dolphins. (Spearfishing a Lucky Yellowfin Tuna) Andrew Clarkson just pulled this off again!!

Here the message he sent with the pic:
Thought I would send you a pic of the yellow fin that I shot yesterday. Clocked in at 35Kg, also off the back of a big dolphin pod. Super stoked as I missed out on one in December but managed to nail this one - my biggest fish to date. Was an awesome experience!

Anyway well done to Andrew great fish, hope the sushi was epic too.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Revolutionary Spearfishing News Video

Spearfishing News - 117lb Cobia
Today the Top Shots Channel launched their first revolutionary spearfishing news video. This unique concept features any news worthy spearfishing video footage. This way guys get their great achievements and moments 'aired'.

This is slightly different from the 'Top Shots' Series where the 'best of the best' spearing shots are featured. This is more of a current events and news worthy video show. So if you go out on a spearfishing adventure and have a fantastic day at sea or come across something very unique ... or even something funny and manage to capture the action on your Go Pro, mini cam or even cell phone send it in. (contact -

In this first news edition Aimrite spearguns have sponsored a speargun to a lucky winner who shares the video on their FaceBook profile. So if you want to stand a chance at winning an Aimrite speargun then share the love and share this link:

It is aslo good to hear what you guys think ... so post a comment and let me know what you think of this video.