Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The 900 Single Rollergun - Unrolling The Roller Speargun


In this spearfishing workshop episode, I cover my favourite single rollergun setups, starting with the 900cm speargun. This is the setup that I have found to have a good balance between power, accuracy and the overall feel of the gun. 

Possibly one of the greatest factors that determine the setup I use is buoyancy. A 900 roller first off needs to have enough buoyancy to float the roller gun with the shaft out. Must remember that all the components on a gun remain the same, but the shorter the gun, the less volume /buoyancy you have to play with.

A carbon barrel in this case is essential, and also adds to counter the weight of the shaft. Even then the carbon barrel will only be buoyant enough for a 1.3m 6.6mm shaft. But if you don't mind a slightly heavier muzzle then a 7mm works really well too. 

Being a short gun makes the 900 easy to load. So I prefer to hand load 14mm bands which have more than enough power to drive the 6.6mm & 7mm shafts.
Lengths will depend on your rubber. 45cm (400% when loaded)  is as short as I would go if you can load it. 50cm is a good length to start with. 

Speargun Setup:
Gun: 900 Carbon Rob Allen Speargun or similar buoyancy
Rubbers: 14mm @ 45cm -50 cm
Pretension: Maximum
Spear: 1.3m 6.6mm shaft – double wrap 1.8mm Dyneema


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