Friday, February 19, 2021

The 110 Single Rollergun Setup


In this video I am going to go over my favorite setups for the 110 single rollergun from Rob Allen as well as going over what I think we should be prioritizing when it comes to roller gun setups in general. 

When setting up a speargun of anytype there are three main elements to consider and that is:

The most important of these elements is accuracy, for obvious reasons. 
You can have all the power in the world, but if you can hit the spot its pointless. Accuracy is the golden key to any magic setup and has to be your first priority. 
However most guys focus on ‘power & range’ when setting up their guns, and just assume that because it is a roller it will be accurate.

Another problem with having ‘power & range’ as your focus when setting up guns is not paying attention to how the gun handles in the water. 

Recoil, weight & maneuverability all affect how the gun feels. This might seem insignificant to some, but how the gun handels affects accuracy. Recoil affects the guns accuracy, and the way the gun handles will affect your accuracy.

It is the way you and the gun interact. Heavy or cumbersome guns, hinder agility. Agility affects your reaction time. 
The faster you can take advantage of a situation, the greater options and opportunities you have of a good shot. 
When things are smooth and predictable, it is easy to be comfortable and find confidence in the gear. 
 Confidence is another key element to accuracy, this is the accuracy that you as a diver develop with experience, enabling those quick instinctive lethal shots. 

So when you have accuracy as your starting point when deciding on a setup. You need to also prioritise how the gun feels and handles, over how much power and range it will have. 
Work with in the power and range a good setup can give you. And not the other way round.

Using this philosophy on gun set ups lets take a look at the 110 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The 900 Single Rollergun - Unrolling The Roller Speargun


In this spearfishing workshop episode, I cover my favourite single rollergun setups, starting with the 900cm speargun. This is the setup that I have found to have a good balance between power, accuracy and the overall feel of the gun. 

Possibly one of the greatest factors that determine the setup I use is buoyancy. A 900 roller first off needs to have enough buoyancy to float the roller gun with the shaft out. Must remember that all the components on a gun remain the same, but the shorter the gun, the less volume /buoyancy you have to play with.

A carbon barrel in this case is essential, and also adds to counter the weight of the shaft. Even then the carbon barrel will only be buoyant enough for a 1.3m 6.6mm shaft. But if you don't mind a slightly heavier muzzle then a 7mm works really well too. 

Being a short gun makes the 900 easy to load. So I prefer to hand load 14mm bands which have more than enough power to drive the 6.6mm & 7mm shafts.
Lengths will depend on your rubber. 45cm (400% when loaded)  is as short as I would go if you can load it. 50cm is a good length to start with. 

Speargun Setup:
Gun: 900 Carbon Rob Allen Speargun or similar buoyancy
Rubbers: 14mm @ 45cm -50 cm
Pretension: Maximum
Spear: 1.3m 6.6mm shaft – double wrap 1.8mm Dyneema


Chris #spearfishing