Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spearfishing Castor Banks Madagascar

Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna on Castor Banks Madagascar
If you are like most spearfisherman, ticking the Dogtooth Tuna box is high on the bucket list. Doggies however are pretty hard to find. Harder to shoot, and harder still to land. Making them the trophy fish over all trophy fish in the spearfishing world. That’s where my spots off  Castor Banks in northern Madagascar come into play. Castor Banks is a vast area, and I still have many secret places that don’t get any fishing pressure. This means that it is almost guaranteed that you will see lots of Doggies there.

We also have unique ways of approaching the fish in the area and some spots we even get the doggies to the surface. Watch the video

I will then personally guide you through every step of the way to shoot and land the fish of your dreams.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Spearfishing Madagascar


I have just gotten back from a crazy spearfishing adventure in northern Madagascar. We went to Intermediate and the famous Castor Banks, where we found some all time dog tooth tuna action.

As per usual the dogtooth proved harder to land than to shoot. We slowed things down and the guys got more careful of their shots and Ahmidy was rewarded with a fantastic stone shot on a 37kg Dog tooth.

The dog tooth were coming to the surface in some places, it was that wild. You could see absolute giant fish cruizing below 20m. Check this video out - Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna Madagascar

Free Swimming Dogtooth Tuna Madagascar Video

Madagascar is well known for its incredible numbers of doggies, and not so much for their size. I have seen number of fish between 60-80kg on this last trip. And my skipper who has been spearing and fishing the area for 15 years is adamant that we will spear one of a 100kg very soon. As fisherman have gotten them at that size.

Anyway time will tell and I have a number of trips there in the next few months, lets hope my skipper is right!


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