Monday, August 29, 2011

Billabong Pro Tahiti - Jordy Smith Goes Down!

Billabong Pro Tahiti - Jordy Smith injures his ribs. pic ASP/ Kirstin
The Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011 is going down in a spectacular swell. The 8-10ft thumping barrels exploding over the reef have provided some amazing performances from the worlds top surfers. As always guys like Kelly Slater have made there mark, making it look easy.

Kelly and Ricardo Santos had an awesome duel in round three, which was followed by Jordy Smith and Travis Logie's heat. To be honest they did not look as comfortable as the guys in the previous heat and it looked like they landed up taking off out of position and and a bit deep. Jordy's first wave was too deep and he got smashed, injuring his ribs. With all the attention on Jordy the heat was put on hold, this was rather odd and there were a number of protests.
Travis Logie getting putting everything on the line. pic ASP/ Kirstin

The clock was stopped and the heat restarted, Jordy eventually got back out and finished the heat. Both guys took a couple more big hitts and it was more like a WWF round than anything. Travis put everything on the line and got some scoring waves. Jordy remarkably still got some waves and put some scores on the board.
Travis Logie deep and committed in Tahiti. pic ASP/ Kirstin
Travis was just ahead at the end of the re-started heat, and Jordy got a really good wave posting an 8+ and it looked like he took the heat. Even the on the Heat Analyzer it shows Jordy winning, but the judges did not count the last wave and took the original heat time. This meant that Travis went through the heat and into round 4 and eventually through to the Quarter Finals where he will meet Brett Simpson from California.

It looks like the Quartes, Semi's and Finals will be held in cracker conditions... dont miss it.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kanoa Igarashi - the Future?

I am generally not prone to posting vids of surfing, let alone lightys surfing. But you need to see Kanoa Igarashi this 13 year old from California rip. In fact for me its not so much what he is doing, its the in style that he does it. Most grommets look like grommets on a wave, Kanoa Igarashi has the style and poise beyond his years.

We all watch guys like Slater from the days of  'Black & White' and Jordy Smith busting the bowl at New Pier. And they were not surfing like this! If this guys continues to progress who knows how rad surfing is going to become?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

World Spearfishing Record Tanzania

Tanzanian World Record 5.3kg  Blue Lined Large Eye Bream by Eric Allard
For years Eric Allard of OWEA has been lobbying for the legalisation of Spearfishing in Tanzania. He has been in successfully getting permits for certain areas which has meant that for the first time a World Spearfishing Record has been acknowledged in the area.

The International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA) World Record 5.3 kg Blue Lined Large Eye Bream (gymnocranius grandoculis) was speared off Leven Bank, Zanzibar. View Record Here
This is significant as this will further help the authorities in Tanzania to see and understand the the sport of spearfishing as a valuable asset to the region.

Congrats and well done to Eric and his team at OWEA.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Phoenix Sheffield Beach Shipwreck Update

The wrecked Phoenix getting pulled off the rocks ... well almost!
On the spring high tide this afternoon the Phoenix shipwreck was almost pulled off the rocks. The Smit Amandlha and a secondary tug almost succeeded in pulling the stricken vessel off the beach. With a combined pulling force of over 290 tonnes they were able to slowly edge the ship off the rock shelf.

The chain seconds after snapping at the D-shackel

The beach erupted in applause as the ship turned and faced out to sea. Only to have the the crowd groan like in a Sharks Rugby match as the chain attached to the bow snapped at the giant D-shackle.

The marine salvage team, running in to assess the situation.
There was a lot of running around, and a marine salvage team shot in on a duck. I guess everyone on the beach was hoping they would be able to quickly hook the ship up again and resume getting it out to sea. At this stage the Phoenix was still pointing out to sea and it was sad to watch each swell slowly turn her back around.
The Aerospatiale SA 330 J PUMA Helicopter removing the salvage crew for the day.
Eventually the growing swell and high tide had turned the ship to past the point where she had been before. It was quiet sad, but hope is not lost. According to the salvage team they will have another attempt tomorrow morning.

The swell is due to pic up and this could pose a problem, but it could also help. Lets hope that the salvage crew get it right and they get the Phoenix off our beach.