Friday, April 26, 2013

Aeris F10 Spearfishing Dive Watch Gets Clocked

My Aeris F10 about to get clocked!
I thought you guy might find this interesting. I clocked my trusty old Aeris F10 dive computer. I have had the watch for at least 2 years and have put it through its paces. The watch has with stood some serious abuse to the point where even the plastic ridge on the rim of the watch has been worn round from getting ground down in crayfish holes :-)

Any way I thought I would take a pic after the dive where I clocked 9997 dives ... it would have been cool to have gotten 9999 tho. Not sure when I will be able to do this again. Man it will be amazing if I clock this again on this watch ... I will definitely retire it if I do. It can then sit on my bed side table and tick away.

The only down side is that it reset all the history when it went back to zero. And for some reason it now turns off if i go into the dive history. Taking the battery out seems to bring it back from the dead, so all good.

So just incase you were wondering whether or not to buy an Aeris F10 ... there is no doubt in my mind.
Maybe Aeris will send me a new one for the good punt.... nudge nudge wink wink  :-) 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top Shots - Spearfishing Series - Giant Trevally Showdown

Here is the next Spearfishing Top Shots video from In The Zone Productions. This one is really cool as there is a voting thing where the viewers choose the best shot between two guys and their big Iggies.

The video has an Iggie (Ignobilis) from Gerhard Vosloo and one from Rodney Ive. There has been a fair bit of a tussle going on the voting poll to who has the best shot. Guys are seriously analysing each shot down to the bone!! It's got quiet heated once or twice as it does on facebook.
Check it out: Giant Trevally Showdown Poll

If you have not seen it yet check it out here: Spearfishing Top Shots



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crayfish Licences and Regulations from 1967

Dersley Kenyon's Crayfish Licence from 1967
A good friend of mine Stephen Farrer sent me his grandfathers old Crayfishing License from 1967!! Have a close look, it only cost R2.00 !! Now days they are almost R100,00 but you can get it from the post office. Back then you had to go to the Parks Board offices in your area, in some cases these were only found in major cities or tourist centres.

8 crayfish at 2.5 inches (approx 65mm) - the same as it is today.
What is more interesting is the conditions of the license, which is 8 crayfish at 2 and half inches. This is the same as it is today 46 years later. It kind of makes you wonder why it has not changed? Many other fish species have had bag limit and size restrictions adjusted over the years to insure the populations are healthy.

But why not with crayfish? I guess the catch returns the guys get show that at the current size and bag limit the population is sustainable. I suppose it is true, because you can go to almost any reef in some of the most heavily dive spots and still get your crayfish. Maybe they won't jump into your bag and you will have to scratch around .... but they are there.

So thumbs up to good bag and size restrictions :-)