Friday, May 29, 2015

Speargun vs Roller Gun Testing

Alemanni SeaSniper vs Rob Allen rollergun comparison test
Roller Gun Testing

Speargun pool testing with MJK.  4 rubber Sea Sniper vs Alimanni 140 Bluewater Express roller gun (modified with ceramic bearings and my tried and tested rubber setup) Also tested some refined rubber setups on the Rob Allen / Power rollerhead roller gun. The customised Alemanni kicked ass. And settled any doubt which gun we are taking big game hunting. As always the Rob Allen roller conversations performed exceptionally well and the max powered 16mm rubbers with 7mm shaft is magic on the 1200.

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Manuel said...

Hi Chris
thanks for your detailed speargun testing. I follow them with great interest.
Would I am wondering, is how your biggest rollers compare to a bluewater RA setup (160cm, 200cm x 7.5mm spear, 2x 16mm bands). Hopefully you can incorporate such a gun thats proven to work for big tuna in your future testing.
many thank, Manuel

Coatesman said...

We have tested these awhile back and a 1300 roller with 18mm bands (although hard to load) is by far a better gun. Better range and penetration and accurate at all distances.
In my opinion when it comes to bluewater guns std conventional type guns just dont match up to properly setup rollerguns.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris - Nice Blog..Have you tried Mantis Rollergun Head? We-have sold quite a few, here on - Europe. Mantis practicly suit all European brands and ofcause Rob Allen. Greetings Anders

Unknown said...

Hey Chris,

I love those RA 1300 rollers. I'd love build a similar gun using the black mamba LE that we have here in Australia. I was wondering what length rubbers are you using on these guns. (un-tensioned length?) Out of Interest, can you use a 1300 Aluminium barrel and load it up with the same amount of pretension that you are applying to these carbon barrels and get similar performance?