Monday, September 7, 2020

Cobia vs MJK - Spearfishing Qatar

Spearfishing master marksman MJK

Some early testing of the Coatesman Double Roller in Qatar with spearfishing legend MJK.
MJK vs Cobia - Spearfishing Qatar

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sunnies Fun - Surfing Ballito

Winter on the Ballito North Coast is special time. Every once in awhile you get to share days like this. What also makes this video special is the song written by my daughter on her ukulele. Song: No Plane Jane by Kai Coates I have also been enjoying my Twig Ultimate Stepup 6'3" by Grant 'Twiggy' Baker This day I was so surfed out from the week of waves I decided to use the extra vol in the 6'3 Twig to get into the draining sand spitting barrels. Best call ever, that board is a barrel slut. Hope you enjoy Coatesman

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Exploring Northern Madagascar - Speartopia Spearfishing Heaven

Madagascar's remote northern tip is mostly uncharted and difficult to get to. This makes for some of the most incredible spearfishing on the planet. Most of the spots on this trip had never been speared before, making this the ultimate spearfishing adventure. For more info on Coatesmans Madagascan spearing adventures :