Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing


Sorry I have been elusive on the blogging front. I have had my head in a whole trying to get the finishing touches to the Spearfishing DVD. Its going really well and we have put everything into this film to make it really beyond what is presently out there in the spearfishing market .... but you will have to wait to see it for your self ...very soon.

I have not been diving much I said busy busy  busy!! the guys got in yesturday and it was nice and clean, but the fish were very scarce. The swell picked up in the afternoon and we though that we were going to get cooking surf this morning.
This want to be as the north wind blew all night and made the swell all wobbely. I check it earloy and almost got in .. but the landed up getting to the office early to get ontop of things this side.

Other than the shoal I have not heard of fish coming out, traditionaly this is when Hiberdene starts to work .. so if you hear of anything let me know.

Just a little heads up - Salty Divers Club meet week after next will be a the Wahoo Comp at Vidal. Some of us will already be there so why not make it a double whammy and come through.

All good I hope the clean water holds out till the weekend.


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