Friday, January 23, 2009

Spearfishing - Whats Up This Weekend

Hey Guys,

With a hint of some fish around some of the guys have been itching to go spearfishing, others are still sceptical whether the fish are on here yet and have opted for a weekend up at Vidal.

I think that the spearfishing will be good this weekend, conditions dependant of course! The water looks like it is clearing is still green on the inside but that could change with the next tide.
The problem might be the swell, last weekend I miss called it and a mate left his kit at home and so missed out on the dive.

The forecasts are saying that the swell will over 2m and with an 11sec period. If that hits the shore line we will be surfing, and not diving!! But there is aways a chance it is manageable!

Let me know if you get in.


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