Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kelly Slater Wins Billobong Pro - Jefferys Bay

Kelly Slater Wins Again!!

Freak out!! Kelly Slater takes the cake again ... this is number 4 for the year and it looks like he has a real shot at the 9th world surfing title. He took down Mike Fanning ...properly leaving Fanning short of a combo!

Heat # 1

More info ...
Heat Scores
singlet plc pts name from
Red 116.73 Kelly Slater USA
Blue 2 9.40 Mick Fanning AUS

I chatted to a mate who is down at Jefferys watching and he said that Jordy came so close to getting through and needed an 8. something and only managed an 8 with an insane long barrel but did just now crack it.

2000 points now separate Kelly from the crowd, Joel Parkinson is sitting second and with 6 events still to go Kelly's 9th ASP title is not sealed yet.



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