Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spearfishing Update

Well the west has hit and so has the swell from the tropical storm south of Madagascar. With it all has come clean water, can you believe it!! The last time we had swell the water was also clean!! The forecast shows that there will be a small window of opportunity tomorrow morning and Saturday might be good for a surf. Although the swell does not turn south till Sunday nite so it might be Monday before the surf cooks.

On the dive front I am not sure when we will get out, well not with the swell being biggish.

Anyway I was reading the report from last year today and how similar the conditions have been over the last few days. Some snoek, the odd cuta and the small grunter shoals.
Spearfishing Report March 13 2007


P.S - did you check the Cyclone and Tropical Storm tracking links I put up?? They are in the right hand menu bar.

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