Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spearfishing Report

All seems to be back to normal, last nite I got in at one of my favorite spots. The water was looking very fishy, and i got passed by a shoal of snoek 10min into the dive. But we continued out deeper to the deep drop off, where the vis was 6-8m.

There was a huge shoal of grunter on the bottom, but none of them were over the 6 -8 kg mark so they swam past without any sprung steel. My dive buddy got a nice one of about 3-4kg although there were bigger ones.

It was quiet for the first 30min and it was starting to get dark, but it just seemed like the fish were there. We were probably going to pack it in when wile I was on the bottom I notice the bait fish all start swimming in one direction, and not  around me. I looked to where they had come from and there was this cuta swimming onto the flasher. That was the first one.

A short while later while I was diving down my dive buddy (a nice guy) noticed two cuta coming in. I had my back to the fish and could not see them. I usually only scan once or twice while diving down and try keep streamlined. So he drops down very slowly not to spook the fish keeping his distance, just encase I dont see the fish. Any way I did my quick scan half way down and saw them just sitting next to me, amazing how cuta will just sit on you when you are not swimming at them!

I drilled the one, with my dive buddy having to watch the whole thing go down. I am sure his good manners will pay off ... what goes around comes around.

Anyway  I did not dive this morn, but some mates got in and they did see some snoek spearing one. They said the viz was about 4m, but this should improve with the west.

See you out there,

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