Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scotty's 1st Cuta

There is a mile stone in a spearfisherman's life and thats when he gets a Cuta. Ok I suppose for the guys in the Med its a gropper or black tail. But on our coast it is definitely a Cuta. Some guys go months with out a cuta, I know for some it was years.

For myself it was acouple years, I started young and had no one to show me the ropes, I fumbled along trying to learn from mates who were suffering the same fate. I remeber being up at Cape Vidal and a boat with some spearo's came in. They must have had at least 5-8 cuta each some were in the 20kg mark. I thought these guys were hero's.

It must have been 5years after that when I finally got up to Leven pnt and got some for myself.

Anyway Scotty has been chasing Cuta around for the last few months, and just has not come right. We decided to hit a quick bug dive and wammo he gets a cuta ..... in fact I dont think he even got buggs to day? Just fish on the brain!!

Well done Scotty...

P.S a mate dropped a monster cuta off Umhlanga last night, he fought it for a while but it tore off. Bummer it got away ...but good to here some big fish are still around.


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