Monday, July 2, 2007

How was the wind?

Hey guys,
How hectic was that wind? If we had sand banks to surf on we would all be grinning with the hope that tommorrow would produce some epic waves. The wind at the moment is just grooming the swell nicely ... but there is little hope of decent waves!
Thge water is not dirty... just a little stured up with the swell ... I am sure that we will get in on Wednesday tho ...
Drew shot some nice fish this weekend (not sure were) I will get some pics up soon. He got two Geelbeck and two Snoek, all good sized fish.
You are probably wondering how the Surf Compo went ... it went well dispite the waves been a little off. The conditions were great and we had a blast. Brad Johns walked away with the R2000 prize ...nice one!
My PC is down at the moment ... so todays feed back is a little scketchy .... pls dont hang me for the spelling errors .... no spell check :-(
Any way will catch up later today or in the morning with a full report.

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