Friday, June 29, 2007

North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic

North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic
Well tomorrow is supposed to be the North Coast Board Riders - Winter Surf Classic!
But alas no waves!!! This morning was 1ft and not even breaking. The forecasts all show tomorrow as being dead flat. It is going to be interesting to see what happens?

On the diving front the water is brown from the rain and I cant see us diving for a few days. There is a west on Sunday with NO RAIN :-) and it should clean up for next week.

Other that the fact that it is Friday so we do have something to smile about.

See ya



Anonymous said...

We're off to Vidal for the weekend, so hopefully the see is also flat up there. No boat unfortunately so will have to do a shore dive. will give you an update on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve

Just keep an eye out for the big jonnies out off the point at Vidal. They look like German fighter planes with their array of Remoras under their fins. And they can be full of kak too...