Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Gap

As we come into Spring its the sharp guys who find the gap to get in. The sea becomes a torrent of wind swell and often river water.

The diving condition are not normally great, but you can still get fish. More importantly squeezing in a quick one helps keep the body fit and in touch with diving .... coz next thing its on and if you can only get to the back line before having a hart attack, you are going to miss out.

Some chaps squeezed one this morning, the south dropped enough to get in before the next big wind hits. They said the water was about 5-6m but the swell was picking up, and was sturring up sediment. A small snoek was seen but no fish were speared.

Another mate saw the swell and decided to surf rather, he said it was not great ..... probably the mediocre banks playing havock. I saw the sea early and it looked like there was a nice clean swell running. If only we had banks!!

I have been trying to get a good report for the weather this week end up at Vidal, I have not found very reliable forecasts yet. I suppose we are going anyway and what will be will be!


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