Friday, June 21, 2013

Big Couta in the Middle of Winter

Ratman in his element!
I have been slow to get back into the water back home after my travels, the first week was time with my family. Then last week the surf was so good and I had a fair bit admin work wise so it was easy to make excuses not to don the 5mm suit and go look for Snoek.

Ratman on the other hand has been sneaking in getting a few Snoek, and with the conditions looking so inviting yesterday Ratman convinced me to take a swim. We decided that we would visit a spot that occasionally holds a Couta during this time of the year leading up to the Sardine run. It was a long shot but we were doing the mid day social dive thing and weren't expecting much to be honest. .... we I wasn't at least, this was just a get wet session.
Ratman's new PB 23kg Couta
Anyway we got to the spot and Ratman on his second dive shouts to me that he has a 'BIG' Couta. He had spinned the fish with his 1300 and made easy work of landing the fish. A small shark came in and would not leave Rat and his fish alone so we took turns looking after his prize while looking to see if there was another lucky fish lurking around.

We weighed the fish at my place. It was a super fat and healthy fish, but I thought the fish was maybe around 20kg, but  it tipped 23kg. You should have seen the grin on Ratmans face :-)

Well don Rat brilliant fish and about time too.


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