Wednesday, September 1, 2010

South Coast Spearfishing

Gary Bircher - Dorado Speared off Aliwal Shoal

Gary Bircher 18kg Garrick off Port Edward
 Its not that often that I get news from the mates down in Port Edward. If the water is not dirty, and there is no diving or then the big game fish are not around and the guy resort to hunting reef fish for the pot.

The Sardine run does always make things a little bit more exciting, but its usually the fisherman who get the big fish and the its still difficult for the spearfisherman.

Gary did get a very good Garrick, the one fish Port Edward is good for being the last stop before the Transkei.
Cornelis found himself a 24kg Couta and I am sure it came as a relief that this time it wasn't the fisherman who got the big one.

It must be seriously fustrating watching or hearing of the guys consistently getting big Couta from the shore during the winter and never even seeing a couta while diving. Such has been the case with another mate of mine down there.
Cornelis Fourie 24kg Couta - Port Edward

Anyway Spring is here and so is the 'Beast from the East' so for the next couple months its going to be sneaky dives here and there when the sea gives us gap ..... I doubt too many big couta like Cornelis's are going to be coming out.


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Excellent fishes! congratulations