Saturday, August 3, 2013

Waves , Glass and Broken Locks.

My son Braidy getting pitted.
This past week had some great waves, we had almost given up hope that we would have any memorable days surfing this winter. My highlight was getting my lighty on film in an insane throaty barrel. We snuck in for a quick hour before school and got some crazy waves. In hind sight we probably should have bunked and spent another hour in the water. I just don't know if we will get a day like this again this winter.

But its not all roses. My car got broken into the next day at Bog, they smashed a window and broke the drivers door lock and the rear canopy lock trying to get in. All they got was a cell phone, but the damage cost and hassle of fixing the car is ridiculous.

The car breakins and thefts along the surfing spots is insane. In July alone 4 surfers cars were stolen and many have been broken into and fleeced. It seems that none of the parkings are safe, even the ones in the open with car guards!! Worst thing is that the police do nothing in response and there is even speculation that there is on group of cops that are in on the whole thing. So if this is true between the corrupt cops and dodgy alcoholic car guards we are pretty screwed!!

We need some solutions people!!


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