Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away! Please ....

Tongaat River pumping mud.
This weekend was the first time in a while that the water actually started to look good. Most guys got in somewhere along the North Coast, and although the fish where generally quiet some got a few Snoek in the shallows.

I managed to get in yesterday and got my first Couta of the season. Guy Leme and myself had been diving all morning and it was hard going. The current was screaming and making it hard  stay close to the boat, let alone to stay on the spot.

I was actually ready to hit the beach and Guy wanted to have a last look at one of the deep spots that come up to 28m off the Umvolti mouth. His first dive produced a Couta and in no time we were anchored and looking for fish.

After a while and nothing coming onto the flasher I started to look on the bottom for reef species  Only to have a shoal of Couta swim over me. I managed to get a nice fish of 13kg and then another smaller one. It seemed every time I got to the bottom something swam in, but chasing Couta at 28m after a long day is not ideal and I fluffed a shot on a Snoek and dropped a Couta with a bad gut shot.

Things were looking good and it is good to see the Couta making an appearance. All this is actually of no good tho considering the amount of rain we had last night and how the rivers are all pumping mud into the ocean. On my way into Durban this morning I snapped a pic of the Tongaat river vomiting mud ..... its damn depressing  Especially considering that we have not had a lot of diving and now it will be a good week before it comes right again. Well that is if we dont have any more rain.

 So forgive if I am not praying for rain!


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