Thursday, April 12, 2012

South African National Spearfishing Champs Day-1

As always Jaco Blignaut coming out on top.
South African National Spearfishing Champs hosted by EP's Gully Jumpers Spearfishing Club finally got under way yesterday after a few days of strong west winds. The day proving to be quite a challenge, the divers got some great viz for PE, 10 - 15 meters in most spots. This clean water however proved to be difficult to hunt in with only one contestant the local favorite, Charl Blignaut, weighing in his full quoter of 10 fish.

EP-B team with some really good weighers.
 Some of the surprises were Deven Swart a development spearo diving with the EP B team coming in at 4th place with an awesome eastern cape mixed bag and Terence Bellingan also EP B team shooting the fish of the day. A 12 KG Garrick on the bottom at 23meters depth, insane!.

A huge thank you to Mares who have not only donated 25k worth of equipment in prizes for this years event but are also at the event in full force showing their support for the sport of spearfishing in South Africa.

Here are the results for Day 1:

Individual Results:

1st - Jaco Blignaut - 31.4
2nd - Charl Blignaut - 29.3
3rd - Carl Werner - 26.6
4th - Devon Swart - 24.6
5th - Garrick Morris - 24.1

Provincial Team Results:
1st - Natal B - 68.05
2nd - Boarder A - 59.35
3rd - EP A - 53.5
4th - Boland B - 50.3
5th - EP B - 50

Will keep the you up to date as I get more info.


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