Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cyclone Funso Heading South

Cyclone Funso gusting winds at 165mph! and heading south!
Cyclone Funso has hit central Mozambique hard leaving many dead and the rest of the coast beaten by the wind and waves. Funso is gusting winds at 165mph / 264kmh! and has been categorised as a grade 4  storm (above the 131-mph threshold for a Category 4 storm)
Saturdays forecast shows the cyclone directly off St Lucia!
The long term projected forecast shows the cyclone heading southwards reaching SA late Friday night. The cyclone should head south and out to sea, but there are no guarantees and it pass over land like cyclone Demoina did in the 80's.

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Cronje said...

Nice to get an update. Let's post while we can cause once the new weather info bill is passed postings like this will be against the law. So sad.