Monday, March 28, 2011

Blown Out the Water

The end of last week saw some of the best diving conditions we have seen this year. The vis was very good and the water temp was as high as 27deg. I dived between Umloti and Stud Rock on Friday and we absolutely smashed the Couta. They were mostly shoal fish but the occasional good one also came out.
There were also fish further up the coast and most guys who dived got fish.
Lloyd Hains 15kg Couta shot right in front of his house.
On Saturday the conditions were good again, but with the word out that it was 'ON' every man and his dog was on it and I think the fish decided to disappear. I counted about 25 boats in the Westbrook to La Mercy stretch.
Saturday was also a fairly 'bleak' day for me as I burst an eardrum!! There is nothing worse than diving down and and bubbles coming out your ear when you try and equilise. My heart instantly sank (and has not returned) as I knew that this meant that I was going to be out of the water for up to 6 weeks.

Braidy setting up for the barrel.
 So here I am in the peak of diving season and ...high and dry!! But as the age old tradition goes, when you are high and dry become the designated cameraman. My lighty is stoked ... probably because I can give him a lift to school and he can surf for an extra 30min in the morning.
It is pretty cool watching him surf tho, I have been so busy away or diving that I have not watched him for a good few weeks. He had some crackers last night and this morning, even laying down a few good turns.
Braidy looking comfortable and about to get pitted!
I guess this is me for the next few weeks, but I will try keep my 'good' ear to the ground keep the blog uptodate. ...... well I have the time now :-)

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