Friday, February 4, 2011

Whats Happening to the Weather

Its been more than a week ago since we had a southerly wind and clean water. While the good water was around there were loads of good fish around and things were looking good for February. That was short lived tho as we just have not been lucky with the weather, first it was the unbelievable amounts of rain, then the east winds that just have not stopped for a week now.

The sad news is that the whole of next week is horrible east winds, that means no surf or dive, or any joy in the sea. Bloody depressing!!!

Last weekend before the east wrecked the sea there was a small patch of clean water between the brown muck river water from the Tugela and Umvoti rivers to the north and the Tongaat to the south. We had some real fun with the shoals of snoek in about 6-8m of clean warm water. Both Braiden and myself got 3 snoek each all over 5 kg.
Braiden some good Snoek off Salmon Bay Ballito
The water dirtied up quickly at the beginning of the week, but with the low tides and the early morning off shores there were some waves to surf. I grabbed my water housing and hit the surf to see what shots i could get of the guys.

This is a new learning curve for me getting all the right settings down to get the pics nice and sharp. Its even another story getting into the right position to get the shot off. I did manage to get a couple good shots off and now all we need is some good conditions.
Chris Braim getting shacked.

I thought this one was nice with the green water and blue sky.
With the whole week of east wind predicted, high tides, and pea green sea I dont think we are going to be doing much else other than some pool training ...... oh so much fun I cant wait.


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