Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Johnny One Eye's Garrick

Ryan (Tattoo) & John Van Rooyen Garrick while still on the clock!

With the Garrick around the guys seem to be making a plan to get in the water. John sent through this account:

Waking up the on 22 of October, Friday to a awesome morning meant one thing,one thing only,and that was that I had to shoot some fish.Flat as a lake and with vis 7 out of 10,meant I had to get in the water.
With my dive buddy Ryan being at work,I had to phone him and pull a fast one,which he fell for hook,line and sinker.I told him that a mate of mine just got out of the water with 3 snoek and the fish are on like a scone.Within a short time, he was out the office and ready to dive with me.
I decided to go and dive off Ballito, at one of my good old favourite spots,near Willard beach.On the way to the spot, I was getting my mate amped up and discussed the power that a Garrick puts up once you spear it,mentioning that a Garrick half the size of a Snoek, is twice as strong and a great fish to land.
20 min in to the dive "wack" Ryan spotted a descent shoal and landed a nice Garrick,a few minutes later I spotted a loaner and "wack" - Garrick home run to John Van Rooyen.
I am no pro and far from,but one thing I have learn't is that shooting Garrick is always a work out lol.
Happy Hunting
John(Johnny one eye)
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