Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Massive DatShark Activity with the Rotting Whale in Ballito

Day 4 and the Whale in Ballito still sits rotting. Spewing rotting whale blubber everywhere.
 Last Saturday a dead Humpback whale washed up on the rocks off Ballito, the already rotting carcus was followed by sharks and bite marks could be seen on the carcus. The sea and tide was perfect to tow the whale back out to sea, but the municipality in their wisdom decided to have a series of meetings spanning a couple days in which time the sea turned and the opportunity lost. The guys from the local Sharks Board where there ready to make an attempt on Saturday but the 'Eish' the municipality must have there 10cents or lack of involved.

So now we have a rotting 30 tonne chunk of whale stinking, and sending pieces of whales up and down the coast. Local people are also taking chunks of the rotting flesh .., one can only hope they are not eating it!!

Martin from the Sharks board said he found a huge chunk of intestine off Salt Rock yesterday .... that's 8km away!
He also said the Shark activity was insane, which loads of sharks in the area near the whale. The Sharks board have lifted all their nets all the way from Ballito to Salt Rock with this massive shark activity.
2m Tiger Shark beached just south of Salt rock beach.
Yesterday a juvenile 2m Tiger Shark washed up between Shakas Rock and Salt Rock main beach. The Shark has been sent off to the Sharks Board to find out the cause of death, and if it had been feeding on the Whale. I am sure this is only one a many that have been feeding on the whale. The problem is that even once the whale has been removed it will take weeks for the oily fat deposit on the beaches to wash away. The big question is .... when will it be safe to venture into the sea again??

Any one for a whale burger ... or any one keen to donate a leg to the sharks?

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