Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spearfishing Aliwal Shoal for Wahoo

Aliwal Shoals Spearfishing Locals - Warren , Basie and Alistair
May is normally the month for spearfishing Wahoo on the Shoal. But I did not hear of too much action last month. There were 2 weeks of strange water that also canceled any chances of good fish.

Alistair from Extreme Spearfishing Encounters sent me this pic from yesterdays dive, this the message I got:

Dude, got these hoo today in almost perfect conditions on the Shoal!

Warren played sword fight with a small marlin that was swimming with 2 salies.

Basie lost 2 big hoo, the bigger one he is holding came off after a spine shot and cruised up to me and I got it!!!
Saw dorado and cuta!

You did not send me a usb cable so I can’t see the footage, will try and find one tomorrow!! Will let you know!

Cheers, God bless

I spoke to him earlier this morning and there were some guys out today, but they had only one Wahoo by 10am. He also said that they had a shoal of bait fish yesterday, but the only thing swimming with it was a Great White! ...nice*



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