Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Spearfishing License Fees

Do you have your Vaseline ready? Well you better because you are about to be screwed!!

I have just received notice from the SAUFF guys on the new fees structure, and it is not a pretty sight.
This what I got from Richard:

These are PROPOSED new fees

A subsistence fishermen goes from R5 to R6 per year.

And a Spearo goes from R75 to R300…..a Fishermen goes to R200 (Pricing discrimination that SAUFF have to put a stop to!!!!)

We have one month to write to them with our “public comment”.!


Folks please send this out to all your contact lists even if they are listed above.

Comments should please include myself so that I have as many views as possible before submitting SAUFF’s comments.

Best regards

Richard Bruno
Here is a copy of the Gazette go to page 24 and check out the new price's: Gazzete Increase Doc

I think I am going to become a subsistence fisherman, I pay R6 and have no limits or restrictions. Where is the conservation and justice in this?

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