Monday, February 15, 2010

Matt Coningham Comes Right for the First Time

 Matt Coningham coming right for the first time. Christmas Bay Couta 16kg.

This weekend saw some good diving conditions all along the coast. The sea got progressively better as Saturday progressed and alot of guys jumped in to break the week long no spearfishing drought.

I think everyone was thinking COUTA when they saw the water, but it was strangely quiet and there were only a few snoek around. I heard of one couta of Tiffs  .... out of a number of guys that dived there.

Matt however took the cake, he is fairly new to diving but with living on the beach and being probably one of the fittest guys around .... this guy runs the 4km in like 13min or something .... apparently you must check is 20km!

Any way he could not go wrong under the tutoring of North Coast spearfishing legend Hogga Bieth ...Matts brother 'out law' ... I mean 'In Law' :-)
So throw all that together and Matt is on his way... often having loads of practice on the snoek that frequent his front doorstep.

Anyway Matt smacks this Couta and calls me up all excited and wanting to weigh it. His next door neighbor an expert fisherman ... every fisherman is an expert, well so it seems. Tells him its over 20kg. So Matt is frothing, but wanting to make sure he calls around looking for a scale and lands up at my place. The digital scale does not lie and it comes to a respectable 16kg! Not bad for the first time!!

Sunday was another good looking day, I got 2 snoek out in the deep while looking for Couta ....I was amped after Matts fish :-) I heard of a couple snoek but not much else. The guys tried their luck again in the afternoon, but there were only a few snoek in the shallows again.

Well thats with the exception of Mr Matt Coningham .. who if my info is right went out again and shot another Couta!!

Once the cherry has popped some times it just keeps flowing!!


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