Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Liquid Image Camera Mask

Liquid Image Camera Mask HD320

Look what has just landed on my desk! I have been eagerly waiting for my new Liquid Image video camera mask to arrive from Semi Worldwide the local distributors, and now I cant wait to jump in and see how it works.

We are all familiar with the Gopro cameras this is similar, but you dont have to hold the camera or attach it to your gun ... and land up getting shaky footage when the gun recoils.
It looks a little odd, but you seriously dont notice it when the mask is on your face.

The mask is HD1280x720 so it is more than good enough for dvd quality, and it also has a 5 mega pixel stills camera...... killing 2 birds with one stone!

It looks like there will be some diving this weekend so I will be sure to take it a long. I will keep you posted.

Go check out the Liquid Image web site.
or contact Neil Capes at  Semi Worldwide

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