Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rabitech Spearfishing in the Cape

Well as you know I am down in the cape waiting for the wind to drop so that we can go and get some Tuna out in the deep. There is no diving going on at the moment so I have been taking some time to catch up with different guys within the spearfishing community. Yesterday I popped into Louis Hattingh's place at Rabitech. Louis is the importer of Omer and SporaSub and I sell loads of Omer fins, snorkels, masks and wanted to meet the man behind the emails and fone calls.

I can tell you how impressed I was with his shop / set up. Infact it is such an inspiration I took some pics with my cell so that can take them home and make some changes to my shop.

Louis Hatttingh's Rabitech in Cape Town
There were a few things that stood out for me. One was the range of fins and masks and snorkels! I have never been into a shop with this kind of selection before and I was fiddling with all the fins for like over an hour. Another thing that was very unique about this shop was the fact that Louis stocks a number of different guns and accessories  from different manufacturer's Along with his Rabitech range he had guns and equipment from Rob Allen, Orca, Picasso, Omer, Pelaj .... and probably more! This blew me away as the norm in this country is that the guys only promote their own gear, and are insanely jealouse of their market share.
Louis's approach to business was very refreshing, and I now have a new perspective on the spearfishing retail market.

More fins ...masks .... the list goes on!
The rest of the time we spent chatting at his coffee bar in the shop chatting about spearing, equipment his new projects and guns. All the while being totally distracted by the LCD screen in the background playing spearfishing dvd's ..... I guess it was my ADD in overdrive!

As you know I virtually never punt a product or business in this blog. I just felt that my visit to Rabitech was so inspiring I had to share it.



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Anonymous said...

I travel all the way from Lagos,Nigeria just to buy equipment from Rabiteck...Solid range and good advise,nice people.