Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Potential SA spearfishing record Ignobilis Kingfish

Rhyno Linde - Massive Giant Kingfish at Bunga Nek

Rhyno Linde has just shot a Giant Kingfish up at Bunga Nek at the No13 beacon. The fish has bottomed out a 70kg scale!! This will smash the Sa spearfishing record if it can be verified and all the paper work is in place.

I will get more info and post it asap. .....what I want to know is what the 4km walk back to the camp with this fish was like!!



Anonymous said...

Unless that guy is 7 foot tall, that does not look like 70kg kingie.

Coatesman said...

Ya it turned out to be about 52kg. The first scale must have been dodgy