Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great White Sharks at Zinkwazi Beach

 4.2m Great White Shark at Zinkwazi Beach
The last thing you want to hear about is the big Great White Shark caught in the shark nets at Zinkwazi Beach.
What makes it even more scary and not a freak thing is that they caught another one today of 2.8m!!
Just the view to make you want to go swim!!
Apparently these are female sharks, they caught and released the 4.2m one the day before but it returned and died in the nets yesturday. The second one was smaller only 2.8m would have to bite mybe twice to swollow you!!
I think that the cold upwelling of water we have been experiencing has some hand in this freak occurrence. Not that we dont get Great White Sharks here, just not 2 in 2 days.
Not so happy to be dangeling my toes tomorrow morning!!
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