Wednesday, August 5, 2009

KZN Spearfishing Trials

Hey guys the SAUFF guys have finalised the dates and rules for the KZN Spearfishing trials for those who want to qualify for the team next year.
Here are the proposed dates & rules.
For more info contact Iain Ewing on

14 November 2009Westbrook to Umhloti
5 December 2009Rocky Bay to Scottburgh
30 January 2010Bluff to Toti
20 February 2010Hibberdene area
13 March 2010Off Durban

This is subject to conditions. Area may be moved or postponed and reserve dates to be decided depending availability of divers.
  1. Natal Spearfishing Trials will be held from October 2009 to March 2010 to prepare and select the best team to represent the province at National Champs. National Champs are scheduled for May 2009 in KZN.
  2. Refer to attached plan of scheduled Trial dates and reserve weekends.
  3. Each province can select a maximum of four teams of four divers to represent their province at Nationals. In Natal we have three divers per team and sacrifice the fourth team member for a top man to handle the boat during the competition.
  4. Thus the top twelve divers are determined from a series of three competitions called “Trials” held to very strict rules and regulations similar to those of Nationals.
  5. The selection of these divers is orchestrated by a selection committee made up of the Natal Underwater Union (NUU) Spearfishing Officer, The DUC Spearfishing Officer and one other experienced spearfisherman (to be selected by the NUU Officer) .
  6. In the event of dispute and or conflict the decision will be referred to the committee for adjudication and advice, however in the event of deadlock, the Natal Underwater Union Officer has final say.
  7. Every diver participating in Natal Trials must be a paid-up member of a Club recognized by the Natal Underwater Union.
  8. The Entrance Fee for trials is R400.00. To enter contact Iain Ewing 0824592812. This must be filled in and paid to Iain BEFORE the first trial.
  9. The R400 will go towards the four teams’ costs during Nationals and is also a token of your commitment to competing in Trials and at Nationals.

  1. Divers are required to phone Garrick between 5pm and 8pm on the Friday before a trial to confirm the dive area, meeting place and time.
  2. If due to bad weather a trial has to be canceled on the Saturday it then takes place on the Sunday. Decisions on whether or not to dive will be made by 8pm on the day preceding the competition. If the weather is not suitable then the trial will be carried forward to the allocated reserve weekends (Refer planned dates and reserve weekends).
  3. Remember that a lot of people are getting up early and may be traveling from afar to attend a trial so divers can be forgiven for being ten minutes late but will lose one point for every five minutes thereafter. (This will be strictly monitored.)
  4. There will be a meeting to discuss the day’s proceedings, and a meeting place at sea will be decided. Once all the boats meet at sea the trial can begin. (No spearing is allowed before this time.)
  5. All diving will be from boats because Nationals take place off boats and World Champs are dived off boats.
  6. Each boat is allowed to have a top man to handle the boat during a Trial and no less than 2 divers may dive on a boat. Prior to a Trial commencing divers must arrange the boat they are diving on. It is not the responsibility of the organizers to do this.
  7. Note that no chum or burlying is allowed.
  8. All divers must dive within 40m of their OWN float. Floats must be used at all times when a diver is in the water, must be a readily visible color, be a minimum of 1.5 liters, and be clearly visible in the water during choppy or rough seas.
  9. A trial lasts for six hours. Any diver seen in the water after the six hours will be disqualified. For safety reasons at the sixth hour the safety boat must be notified by radio or cellular phone that all is ok, and the boat is heading for the launch site.
  10. All participants must comply with current regulations of Sea Fisheries and Marine Resources legislation
  11. Points are allocated to each divers catch as follows.
    • Only one fish per species is allowed. All fish may be weighed in un-gutted
    • A maximum of 10 fish may be shot
    • Divers may keep their fish after the weigh-in is complete.
    • Each fish must weigh a minimum of 1 kg to qualify.
    • Seven species that are excluded from competition are Surgeons, Angel fish, Unicorn fish, Batfish, Sea Barbel, Barbel Eel and File fish
  1. After beaching all divers are required to load their fish into bliks and proceed to the weigh-in.
  1. It is forbidden to exchange catches.
  2. To facilitate comparison between different competition days, each diver’s points are calculated as a percentage of the top diver. The top diver scores 100%.
  3. After four trials each diver’s top three percentages are averaged and thus ranked.
  1. If a diver makes the top twelve in Natal Trials they are divided into the A, B, C and Development Team. All twelve divers are awarded NUU Colors (Dolphins).
  2. For a diver to get Natal Colors (Wildebeest) they must have dived in the A, B or C team at least three times and at least once in the A team or if never in the A team then they must have come in the top ten at Nationals once.
  3. The Natal Underwater Union Awards three trophies each year to competitive divers based on Trials results.
    • Anthony Benjamin Trophy for the biggest bottom fish. Biggest Gamefish Trophy. –
    • Top of the Log Trophy for overall highest percentage.
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