Monday, July 13, 2009

Spearfishing - Shoredive Madness

Morne Muller - Wahoo 22.5kg & Cuta 21.3kg
Some would say what a luck!! A Wahoo and Cuta both over 20kg and both speared on the same shore dive, and at a spot that is dived alot! Hang I have spent hours out on the drop off and have not come close to this feat.
I suppose any great part of fishing has some element of luck to it, but when you consider that when every one was milking the snoek in the shallows for the last few months Morne was on the sand in the deep .... and most times came in with nothing to show for his efforts. So I suppose luck and opportunity were to collide some time.
Like Gary Player once said "the more I practice the lucker I get.." or something to that effect!
Ok so we have delt with the luck issue about the jealousy??? Gee I am green I can think of a single spearfisherman who would not want to be able to say they got a wahoo and cuta of this size on a shore dive.
I mean mates of ours spent the who week down the south coast (were all the action is supposed to be) & with a boat ... they dived all the spots and no 'luck' - nothing!!
And back home .... well ...nothing wrong with home!!
Anyway now the bar has been raised..... its gonna be a tough one to beat!!

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