Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing Update

Well the sea was looking good this morning. There was a good swell running and dispite the tide being very high there were still some good waves.
The vis looked good ..... I would have dived but my dive buddy is cheating on me and diving with some one else :-)
And I did not feel too amped to do a big swim in the swell alone ... what a woose!!

But I scored some cooking waves and one full stand up barrel across the bay .... nice!

There have not been to many reports of fish, either the guys are keeping it quiet or there just arnt any! There looks like there is even more swell on its way and a big south west on Friday nite. So Sunday might be diveable or at least surfable!

On the North Coast Surfers Union front we have had 22 members join already!! This is absolutely fantastic news, and means that we will start to get the ball rolling sooner than later and effect some change on our coast.

Any way that's all for now


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