Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Autumn Wahoo Fest

Alistair with some Aliwal Puppies

Spearfishing in autumn can be very fustrating on the north coast, the shoals of cuta have moved south the winter fish are still to come, and worst of all Aliwal cooks! I am a very unluck Aliwal dive I aways seem to catch it the day after or before .... what eva I just miss it. So naturaly I am reluctant to mission down there on a whim.

On another note but still down south the Ozzy Spearfishing team KLAPPED the SA boys on their own turf. Ok 2 of the Ozzys were local boys living over in Oz and know the south coast backwards ... but hey a win is a win.

On a down note the East looks like its up!! Well atleast for the next few days ... I hope the forcast is exagurated and we get some moderate days with some diving thrown in.

All Good

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